[WEBINAR] Putting the conversation back into recruiting with Becki Feldmann and Joe Matar

Apr 22, 2019 - Joe Matar
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Full Transcript

Joe Matar: Did you that 80% of job seekers are interested but not yet ready to apply to your jobs? The secret or the key then is how do you connect with those people? How do you start conversations with those people that may be interested down the road? How do you build relationships with those people? Well, this Wednesday, April 24th at 2pm ET, me and Becki Feldmann are going to walk through the secret to influence job seekers, to connect with job seekers, to start conversations with job seekers, through using things like chat, email, video, social, and online events. So we're going to open up the playbook, share it all with you, make sure you register for the webinar that Becki and I are hosting on April 24th at 2pm ET. And hope to see you there. Oh, and I'll throw the registration link in this post. The Recruiting Chatbot Revolution ad

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