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Webinar Recap: Supercharge Your Events with Brazen’s Sourcing Marketplace

Apr 12, 2022 - Simone Ryland

There are many significant challenges in today's talent acquisition world, one of the most evident being candidate shortage. With unemployment and job openings both on the rise, how do you capture a candidate's attention? We look back at last week's webinar to see how Brazen's Sourcing Marketplace could be the solution for your sourcing strategy.

Research Study - Top Challenges

Brazen partnered with the Talent Board, a leader in candidate experience, and researched over 300 TA professionals to better understand the top pain points this industry is facing. The full report will be released soon, but here is a sneak peek at the results for the most significant challenges:

Top 5 TA Challenges:

  1. Candidate Ghosting
  2. Diversity Hiring
  3. Engaging Passive Talent
  4. Application Volume Drop Off
  5. Not Enough Time

Creating a sourcing and virtual hiring event strategy will help give you the tools to combat the above challenges. With this combination you can:

  • Reduce candidate ghosting by offering a speedy and engaging experience before they apply
  • Drive diverse hiring results and convert more qualified candidates from your sourcing speed
  • Reach hard to find candidates who aren’t applying to your jobs and engage passive talent early in the process
  • Accelerate your time to hire

By adopting this method you can help your organization stand out and improve internal processes. Let’s take a deeper look into sourcing and how our Sourcing Marketplace works.

Brazen’s Sourcing Solution

Brazen set out to launch Sourcing Marketplace to help drive more candidates to engage on the platform, leading to better ROI for events and ultimately more hires. The first step was to develop relationships with best-in-class sourcing partners to help our customers drive candidates to their events. Brazen hand-selected these partners to cover multiple needs such as DEI hiring, high-volume roles, and skilled, hard-to-find candidates.

Knowing the wide range of needs in the TA industry, the Brazen Sourcing team works first to recommend which partners will be the best fit and how much budget to allocate. Our experts then measure results across partners to identify which ones are best for your specific roles. We keep close track of the cost per candidate from each, the conversion rate, the quality, and more to help stretch your marketing dollars for the greatest ROI.

Success Stories

Brazen’s Sourcing Marketplace has become a proven tool to attract more candidates and drive attendance to events. Take a look at some of the success stories below:

Urgent Needs & Low Bandwidth

Challenge: A national transportation company had high volume & urgent hiring needs but did not have the resources to market their virtual events effectively.

Solution: They leveraged Brazen's full-service Sourcing Marketplace so their team could maintain current responsibilities and still engage with qualified candidates at the event.

Results: Two weeks after launch, the customer hosted their first virtual event with over 1,300 candidates from Brazen's Sourcing Marketplace.

Hard-to-Find Candidates

Challenge: A healthcare customer was seeking hard-to-find Primary Care Physicians, but their traditional tactics via job boards drove minimal results.

Solution: Created a simple virtual event registration process to drive leads via the Sourcing Marketplace and launched an email campaign to engage top candidates who registered but did not attend the event.

Results: One-third of candidates sourced by Brazen were moved to the interview stage even though not all of them attended the live event.

Remote Location Reach

Challenge: One of the US's top 200 privately held companies struggled to find candidates because of their remote location.

Solution: To implement Brazen's data-driven market expansion strategy to promote the event in nearby locations with higher concentrations of target candidates.

Results: Drove over 130 candidate sign-ups for 32 different positions, from entry-level to skilled, all while staying under budget.

Diversity & Inclusion

Challenge: A manufacturing customer with over $6B in annual revenue had trouble appealing to diverse early-career candidates because of misperceptions about their brand.

Solution: Brazen marketed the event via a DE&I early career partner with a tailored message about the company's values around sustainability and environmental impact.

Results: Increased overall event attendance by 14% with Brazen-sourced early career diverse candidates.

New challenges call for new strategies, and having a quick, easy, and engaging recruitment process has become increasingly important to candidates and TA professionals. As you can see above, companies have seen great success using this tactic and were able to maximize ROI, leading to more accelerated success. If you already use virtual recruiting, now is the time to look at your overarching strategy and consider where you can reduce efforts to work smarter, not harder.

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