Recruiters: all you have to do is smile :)

May 30, 2019 - Joe Matar

If you're in recruiting, you're likely getting asked a lot of the same questions, all day, every day. And the biggest trap you can fall into is showing your frustration to a candidate that asks a question you've answered a million times. The candidate doesn't know you've been asked this question a million times, nor do they care. So put a smile on your face and treat that candidate with respect, answer that question, and that's how you'll create a great candidate experience.

Full Transcript

Joe Matar: Hey everybody, I am talking into my phone because it's really windy here on the beaches of Mallorca, Spain. I know this probably looks a little weird. But anyways, I'm here on my honeymoon enjoying this beautiful weather. It's almost 80 degrees today.

And I was thinking about something as it relates to talent acquisition. And so we have encountered, my wife and I, a lot of staff here on the beach and I know they are getting asked a lot of the same questions all day, every day. And the cool thing is they always put a smile on their face when they respond to those questions.

And so it reminded me of what's the best strategy if you're a recruiter and you're getting asked a lot of questions from job seekers. I'm sure you are. The same questions, all day, every day. You have to treat every job seeker, every candidate like they are a new person and that it's the first time you've ever been asked that question. Put a smile on your face, answer that question.

That's what's gonna create a great candidate experience is that smile, that personalization, and treating them with respect. So, just some thoughts here from the beaches of Mallorca, Spain on my honeymoon. Hope everyone's doing well and I'll see ya back in the states.

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