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3 Ways TA Directors are Driving Recruiting Innovation & Results

Jul 12, 2023 - Cat DiStasio

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In today’s talent climate, talent acquisition directors are uniquely positioned to make a big (and lasting) impact on their organization’s recruiting process, hiring outcomes, and even work culture. Whether you’re vying for a promotion or just want to succeed in your current role, looking at what today’s top TA directors (i.e. the go-getters and award winners) are doing can serve as a source of inspiration and guidance to help you navigate the challenges you and your team face every day.

What Today’s Top TA Directors Are Doing

Several of our clients have earned awards and peer recognition by implementing best practices. Others have advanced their careers after producing stellar results. Our conversations with innovative TA leaders revealed these common themes among top performers.

  • Benchmark the right metrics
  • Try new strategies that work for other employers
  • Use recruiting events to save time and engage talent

Benchmark the Right Metrics for Today’s TA Challenges

The metrics you’ve been tracking for years are probably fine. But if you want to level up your recruiting process, improve candidate experience, boost efficiency and speed, and crush your hiring goals, it’s best to ensure you’re benchmarking metrics that are actually tied to the improvements you’re working on.

These might include:

Investing Time & Budget in New Strategies

This will probably sound familiar. Job listings on Monster.com aren’t bringing in enough candidates, so you spend more money promoting those listings, increasing the volume, and paying to list on other job boards that target the same talent pool. And in the end, you’re still disappointed. (Perhaps this is because you’re still using job ads to drive traffic to your application form instead of a more attractive option.) We see this happen all the time and, until recently, TA teams didn’t really have a lot of other options.

Basically, if your standard approach is to double down on strategies that don’t produce the results you need, we think you can do better. It might be time to try something new. Fortunately, we’re living in an age of tremendous innovation—and TA teams that diversify their sourcing and recruiting strategies tend to see huge improvements in the number and quality of candidates they can attract.

Prioritizing Connection to Accelerate Hiring & Improve Candidate Experience

Recruiting events are the key to speeding up the hiring process and delivering a better candidate experience. Whether those events are virtual, in-person, or a mix, events help TA teams attract more candidates, screen them faster (especially when you recruit help from hiring managers and other HR staffers), and move candidates more quickly through the recruiting funnel.

For a fully virtual process, look at our examples of one-and-done events, which aim to move candidates from Awareness to Offer in a week or less. In-person recruiting events can become more efficient by using virtual events at the top of the funnel to educate and screen candidates, thereby narrowing the pool and making your in-person events smaller and easier to manage.

Moving Talent Acquisition Forward

Due to the ongoing talent shortage and stiff competition for top candidates, TA directors need to be strategic about their work and their career advancement. Staying on top of the most accurate and useful metrics helps directors identify opportunities for growth and measure progress toward organizational goals. Making careful (and informed) decisions about spending can help you tap into new talent pools and increase ROI. Taking advantage of the multitude of benefits recruiting events offer also helps elevate the candidate experience and snag better hiring outcomes. Adopting all these strategies can help set your organization apart—so you can attract more and better candidates—while increasing the likelihood that you’ll earn respect and recognition throughout your organization and beyond.

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