High Volume Hiring

Scale High Volume Hiring with Virtual Recruiting Events

Dec 06, 2022 - Cat DiStasio

High volume hiring comes with a lot of challenges. Finding enough potential candidates for all your open positions, screening them quickly, and hiring the best before they accept another offer—all these steps require careful planning and execution, and traditional recruiting methods are difficult to scale without an army of recruiters on staff.

Hiring a lot of new employees at the same time requires unique modern strategies. Whether prospective employers like you are hiring to staff a new location, expanding a business unit, working to fill a backlog of similar roles, or ramping up for a busy season, virtual recruiting events can help you efficiently attract, screen, and hire a large number of new employees quickly and efficiently. And virtual recruiting events and career fair platforms can even help you scale the impact of your efforts nationwide to wider audiences.

Here’s a deeper look into the benefits of using virtual hiring events for high volume hiring, and the strategies you can adopt to make them work for your team.

How Virtual Hiring Events Expand your Talent Pipeline

One of the most valuable benefits of virtual hiring events is that they allow employers to expand their reach, tap into new talent pools, attract passive talent, and deliver a consistent and engaging candidate experience to their target audience. In the context of high volume hiring, this matters even more.

Virtual recruitment events are more accessible to passive talent, which teams may rely on heavily for some types of high volume roles. The convenience of virtual hiring events is a big selling point for passive candidates, who may want to learn about a potential employer without taking time away from their current job. The time investment is also much lower. Candidates can easily attend your virtual hiring event on their lunch break with the mobile device of their choice, which provides a frictionless candidate experience that increases audience engagement, helps prevent candidate ghosting, and creates more accessible opportunities for a wider array of candidates.

Best types of virtual recruiting event ideas to expand your pipeline:

  • Events hosted with industry associations, universities, high-prestige schools, relevant student organizations, and other organizations with a ready community of job seekers who are ready and willing to hear your employer value proposition. Professional development events often fit into this category.
  • Virtual info sessions and other more casual Informational events where candidates can have candid discussions and learn about your company culture and mission, such as coffee chats with current employees, meet-and-greet events with senior leadership, Q&A events, panel discussions, and recruiter office hours.
  • Large candidate screening events followed by smaller virtual interviews and online events, or in-person interview events
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Screening More Job Seekers in Less Time

Once you’ve bolstered your talent pipeline with a wider pool of candidates, the biggest challenge of high volume hiring might be efficiently screening more job seekers in the same amount of time—or less. There are three key strategies that Brazen customers use to accomplish this in their own virtual career events.

Virtual screening events. Hosting virtual screening events helps you screen hundreds of candidates in just a few hours. Saving time is an obvious benefit, but expediting the screening process means you have a better chance of identifying—and hiring—top talent.

Event registration form. Your event registration form can help do the first pass for you. Include questions about skills, experience, and priorities and use the responses to filter candidates to virtual events (or booths within an event) that align with their profile.

Enlist help. You can recruit additional screeners from within your org to speed things up even faster, such as other HR team members and hiring managers. Ensure that all your screeners receive training on how to properly screen a candidate and use the virtual event platform—and make sure they have a way to ask for help during the event if they should need it.

Scaling the Impact of your Efforts

High volume hiring needs often impact more than one location or region. Traditional in person recruiting methods are difficult to scale without incurring massive costs and potentially hiring additional recruiting staff, and those methods simply aren’t practical for high volume hiring.

Fortunately, there is another way—and it offers a ton of benefits outside of simply helping you meet your hiring goals. Using the right virtual hiring event vendor can help you scale the impact of your efforts, even if you need to fill positions across the country, like our large retail customer Neiman Marcus (read the full webinar recap here). Using virtual hiring events, they hired 1500 people for onsite positions in just a matter of weeks.

"Their first event program strategy was tasked to find and hire 300 sales associates roles in only 3 months, which was no easy task in the middle of a pandemic and a talent shortage. Other objectives included following through with seasonal hiring strategies intended to help the business recruit enough workers over the busy holiday season, as well as attracting talent to their pipeline for in-person and remote roles throughout the company.

In their search to innovate, transform, and evolve their approach to sourcing, attracting, and engaging talent, Neiman Marcus teamed up with Brazen to put their strategy to the test with the aid of virtual events. The result? Within a single 3-hour event they were able to interview over 400 people nationally, reaching new milestones in their hiring processes."

A flexible platform like Brazen really helps you scale the impact of virtual hiring events so that you can maximize your efforts within the same candidate pools. Neiman Marcus did this without adding any additional recruiting team members, all thanks to the power of scaled virtual hiring event strategies. For instance, one such way to scale your hiring is by creating event templates with Brazen, so hiring teams in different areas can easily clone and market region-specific hiring events. Or you can create larger national events where candidates can meet recruiters from across the country at core events, with location-specific booths to drive local or regional talent to their recruiting teams.

Reducing your Overall Time to Hire

On any scale, virtual hiring events can help employers speed up the recruiting process, saving valuable time and money while better competing for top talent. Our customer AdventHealth reduced their time to hire by 10 days with virtual recruiting events—and with a ‘one and done’ approach, employers can move candidates from awareness to offer in a matter of days or even less. This model is made possible by using Brazen tools to pre-screen candidates for specific job opportunities automatically, so a recruiter can conduct a quick screening and introduce qualified candidates to a hiring manager within minutes. Managers can make offers on the spot, or shortlist top candidates for follow-up interviews the next day in order to fill the most time-sensitive career opportunities quickly and efficiently.

Crushing your High Volume Hiring Goals

Resourceful talent acquisition teams can conquer the challenges of high volume hiring with smart virtual hiring event strategies as well as the right tech tools and technology platform. Whatever the reason for your high volume hiring needs, Brazen’s virtual careers fairs platform offers the tools you need to crush your hiring goals—on time and on budget. And whether you’ve been grappling with the challenges of high volume hiring for years or this is your first foray into the realm, our expert Account Managers can guide you through the virtual recruitment process, share best practices, and answer all your questions along the way.

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