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5 Takeaways from Dinner with TA Leaders

Mar 28, 2022 - Simone Ryland

We recently hosted a Dinner & Discussion event to bring top TA leaders together to share success stories and brainstorm on the industry's most pressing topics. We covered questions such as: what strategy has your team changed post-pandemic that has been the most impactful? How has candidate ghosting affected your recruitment strategy? And What are your DEI initiatives, and how are you executing them?

We discovered significant success around process improvements and overall company changes thanks to mutual insights from TA leaders in different industries such as education, government, and healthcare. We summarized some of the conversation’s key takeaways from our event, which we can’t wait to share with you!

Adopting Technology & Processes for Virtual Inclusion Creates a More Agile Organization

As a result of the pandemic, many organizations changed their business models and hiring practices. Recruiting teams, HQs, and events have gone entirely virtual for many. By moving to virtual recruiting, companies have hired more TA staff and reached a wider audience of qualified candidates. If you are looking for ways to adapt virtual recruiting in your company, check out the ultimate guide on hosting a virtual career fair for the best success.

The Convenience & Engagement of Virtual Events Means They Will Continue to Be a Key Strategy Going Forward

Before the pandemic, virtual hiring events were widely utilized in some industries. But now that many organizations have tried them as a strategy to continue meeting their hiring goals during the pandemic, lots of organizations plan to continue using them thanks to their accessibility, convenience, and ability to drive key results. Candidates want an easy way to meet and interact with companies and recruiters, while recruiters and TA leaders welcome the flexibility and cost savings of virtual hiring events.

Want to see how?

Read all about how UI health hired 160 more full-time employees in 6 months by leveraging virtual events.

Counteracting Salary Demands with Better Culture and Employee experiences is Key

The demand for qualified and hourly workers in different industries has grown, resulting in higher salary demands. To compete, organizations need to invest in solutions that result in better candidate and employee experiences to differentiate themselves from the competition.To illustrate this fact, LinkedIn found that 63% of professionals see work-life balance as the number one priority when job searching in a global trend survey.

Integrating DEI Strategies Broadly Drives Enhanced Results

No surprise that DEI made our list of hot trends in the TA space in 2022, with this initiative being one of the main focuses for companies worldwide. Successful DEI solutions from our group discussion included a range of strategies, and having an integrated approach is critical:

Utilize technology and process improvements to shorten recruitment times

Shorter recruitment times (thanks to virtual events, improved processes, or ATS technology) effectively combat Candidate Ghosting and engagement gaps in the future workforce.

The experience-driven by candidates applying on a job board and waiting weeks for a response is a thing of the past. Optimize your recruitment process by implementing robust technology specifically built to help those in the TA space, and take steps to ensure that the adoption of these HR tech tools goes smoothly.

Pin this article for quick reference or pick and choose which implementations would be best suited for your organization, and stay tuned for upcoming resources and research on the TA and candidate experience landscape in 2022.

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