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Diversity 201: Actions + Measurement for DEI Goals with the Talent Board & Jacobs

May 11, 2022 - Valery Caputi Lopez

Reaching diversity, equity, and inclusion recruiting goals has never been more challenging –yet more necessary– for employers of all sizes than it is today. Our joint research report with the Talent Board showed that almost 400 TA leaders and their teams have named attracting diverse talent one of the top 3 challenges TAs are facing in 2022, alongside candidate ghosting and engaging passive talent. So how are they dealing with these obstacles (and is this the right approach)?

Talent Board and Brazen Research Report

Watch this recorded webinar with Kevin Grossman, President of the Talent Board, Joe Matar, VP of Marketing at Brazen and our special guest Jason Boone, Enterprise Talent Sourcing Leader at Jacobs as they discuss the best processes, methodologies, and technologies to attract and source diverse candidates in the wake of the Great Resignation and today’s hypercompetitive hiring market.


View the on-demand recording of this webinar now to:

  • Get an insider’s look at the findings from our joint Q1 research on the challenges facing Talent Acquisition professionals today and how they’re responding to them
  • Develop a more inclusive view of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB)
  • Learn how to set your own DEIB goals and measure their progress
  • Broaden your recruiting strategy to reflect a wider range of diverse candidates and talent pools
  • Hear about effective virtual recruiting tactics designed to help you reach your DEIB goals faster
  • See some examples of how it’s been successfully done at other organizations

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Diversity 201 Webinar

Driving Change in the Right Direction

Right now there are more job opportunities open than available candidates willing to take them, and this situation isn’t likely to change anytime soon. That being said, employers today can use this momentum to get them closer to their DEIB goals and seek out more diverse talent pools. “In our company, a defense and engineering firm, our business leaders want to move the needle forward, particularly when it comes to gender diversity and hiring women of color,” said Boone. “So we plan to go from 23% of women in our workforce to 40%. That’s why we launched The Women’s Network, as one of many actionable steps to close existing gaps in our hiring process. We also started measuring the entire female sourcing funnel and defining where we can make more improvements to reach those results,” he said.

Mixing High-Touch with High-Tech

Personalization isn’t just about the message, it’s about catering to your audience, looking past the demographics, and connecting with the individual person on a deeper level based on their needs and expectations. Virtual technologies are instrumental in combining high-touch with high-tech recruitment strategies effectively. “I can’t scale impact with phone conversations alone. We are using tools in Brazen like Group Video to bring a small group of candidates together and have quality conversations in a video and audio format. The authenticity of those conversations really started to grow simply by leveraging the technology that was already there,” Boone said.

How to Set Realistic Yet Meaningful DEI Goals

A lot of different companies’ diversity efforts are growing every day, but you can’t measure success unless you have the right tools to do so. New ATSs, CRMs, and integrated recruiting tech like Brazen allow TA teams to not only track but also share important diversity data with other members of the organization. That way, everyone’s looped in regarding your company’s DEI-based sourcing goals and achievements.

Creating an internal environment that fosters a diverse hiring culture is key to accelerating your diverse candidate pipeline, but that doesn’t mean TA teams need to stop there. In fact, companies can help nurture their diverse candidate sources further through strategic partnerships, allowing these talent pools to further grow – for everyone.

Want to learn more? Then watch the recording of this webinar on-demand.

Diversity 201 Webinar

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