Scheduled Chat

The #1 Way to Connect with Top Candidates During Your Virtual Event

Aug 04, 2021 - Juliana Sanches Santos

Have you ever been in a virtual event hosted on a virtual career fair platform and started a conversation with someone and knew immediately that it wasn’t going to go anywhere? Either because the candidate was not interested in the job you were hiring for (e.g. they were actually looking for a job as an RN and you’re hiring for IT!) or they were not as qualified for the role (e.g. the role required fluency in Portuguese but the candidate is fluent in English and Spanish)? Talking to the wrong candidates can be a waste of everyone’s time. Well, with Brazen’s enhanced Scheduled Chat features, you control which candidates you connect with and when, all within the Brazen Virtual Event Platform.

By allowing your candidates and your team to be prepared for your conversations ahead of time, Scheduled Chat allows you to have meaningful and relevant conversations.

Over the past few months we’ve been listening to your feedback, so we know how important it is for you to make the best use of your time during a virtual event. That’s why we’ve been working on optimizing and improving our Scheduled Chat feature in order to provide your admins with a lot more flexibility and control when planning and executing on their virtual event strategies.

The new capabilities will provide recruiters with unprecedented efficiency while maintaining the highest levels of candidate experience. This is the way for companies to build a winning hiring strategy. By providing the tools to accurately screen, schedule, and manage your future conversations in advance, you’ll not only save time when connecting to the right candidates, but also be able to quickly react to changing circumstances and situations as they emerge.

Our New Summer 2021 Release is improving Scheduled Chat’s capabilities with the following updates:

Manage Your Availability

Representatives can now manage their schedules better at events by blocking off time slots for when they are unavailable so that they have more flexibility at the event and also do not have to be available for the full duration of an event.

Automatically Remind Your Reps

Representatives are notified as soon as scheduled chat is enabled by the admin and available to be used and empowered to take pre-event actions that lead to successful Scheduled Chats with the top candidates. When Admins enable Scheduled Chat for Reps, they receive a series of emails letting them know that they have Scheduled Chat enabled: 72, 54 and 36 hours before the event.

Customizable Emails

Representatives can personalize their invitation by editing the subject line and email body content of Scheduled Chat emails sent to individual registrants. They can make the edits directly into the email preview in the Scheduled Chat modal in the event. (e.g. Customers who are part of a parent company and want to personalize the Scheduled Chat email invitation with their company name.)

Schedule on Behalf of Other Users

Whether you’re responsible for scheduling for other recruiters or your busy hiring managers, this is the perfect feature for admins or booth owners. Use this feature to manage other users’ invitations when they are not able to do it themselves. This feature will help optimize time for recruiters and hiring managers. Keep your hiring managers happy! Bring hiring managers, whose time is precious, into your virtual events so that they can talk to the best-fit candidates, maximizing their time and effort in an event.

360 Candidate Profile View for Scheduled Chat

Our 360 Candidate Profile View allows easy access to a registrant’s complete profile right from the Scheduled Chat tab. Quickly review, select, and schedule chats with the best candidates. You will now have access to the following information less than a click away:

  • Profile picture, role, and location (if provided)
  • Registration form responses
  • Resume (if one has been uploaded)

Reschedule & Cancel Scheduled Chat

We understand that things come up and we want to give people the opportunity to adjust their schedules but also remembering how important it is to connect. This feature gives the flexibility you need. Representatives and registrants now have the option to cancel or reschedule previously scheduled chats, and leave a note for the person they are connecting with to explain why they can no longer attend.

Click here to learn more about these new scheduled chat features or book a demo to see the new features in action. 

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