The team from AWS shares their insights on how to measure talent acquisition tactics

Jun 18, 2019 - Joe Matar

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Joe: How about for you, Pete? What are you looking at? What do you measure to help you figure out whether what you're doing is effective or not? You mentioned response rate is one piece of the puzzle. Pete: There's always an 80/20 balance, right? There's an 80/20 balance between data and gut. So long as the 20% is the gut and not the 80%, you're probably in pretty good shape. I mean I measure reach out, response rates, I also look at kind of what platforms are getting the most response rate on. You know, is it through an email, is it through a direct message on Instagram, is it, you know a tweet? Shocker, it's not a tweet. You know, I think when you look at those things you got a look at even breaking it down to time of day. You know, I love to send out a message on Monday morning when somebody is, "I have to go back to work today," and then follow-up on Friday as they're realizing how bad the week just was and get a hold of them that way. Joe: So are you, that's another point, do you share this data across the team? Like are there benchmarks that you see within your teams or across the organization or is it very on an individual level? Pete: I think it's probably more at an individual team level. I think that'd be something that would be nice to have but again you're dealing with teams with different needs, different ways their business cycles. Even down to a sourcer level you've got ten different personalities on the team who operate ten different ways, yes you can all report your data the same within your team but that doesn't necessarily equate apples to apples with another team. Alan: What you're working on, there's just some roles you might work on that you have a lot of inbound applications. And like, it's just, you can really put someone in that role that just understands process. And there like just clicking buttons, right? Personal experience, send them to this stage. Some people can drive the same result based off of sheer quantity. We're hiring a senior software engineer, I don't suggest that of like email blasting. But some people can get to that result in this roundabout way. I obviously love Pete's approach to it, just like hyper-personalization and focus. You know, so there is a tracking reach outs and stuff like that. But there are still some people who can get to that end goal by having a completely different metric then what he has. Joe: Breadth versus depth. Alan: Once they've kinda done that phone screen, at that point he's like I don't have much control after that. Like after they've kinda completed that phone screen then you can look at your funnel and pretty much predict like how many people do I need to get to that stage. You can really closely predict your output based from there. Joe: Work the numbers backwards. Alan: Yep. Joe: Awesome. Joe: Thanks for watching this clip. And make sure you go to to subscribe to our video series so you never miss an episode and to get exclusive access to our video content. See you next time! The Recruiting Chatbot Revolution ad

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