The two steps used to find your unique differentiator in recruiting with Brandon Prideaux

Jun 26, 2019 - Joe Matar
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Joe: So how do you, how do you demonstrate to someone who they're gonna be working with, what that purpose and mission is? Like break it down a little bit as best as you can in our little bit of time that we have. Brandon: Yeah absolutely. So what I do. So I oversee 17 hospitals right now in the HCA company. So it's called the Tristar division. So in the North Georgia area, in Chattanooga, in Nashville, and in Kentucky. And so I've been visiting them all. I've been meeting with the C-Suites and talking with them. And I asked them, I ask as many executives as I can, as well as nurse leaders, stuff like that whoever I can get in front of, "what draws people here to this hospital and what keeps people here?" And then I write it down. I've taken all these notes because then when I go do some social media, or I go do some collateral, some print flyers, those are the things I'm gonna dwell on because in that area that must be important. Sometimes it's as superficial as, and I don't mean that in a negative way, but sometimes it's, "the commute is shorter than it is driving through Atlanta, right?" Sometimes it's, "we do things every week that are fun events with our employees." And so those are things that you got to really focus on and and hone in on because it will speak to someone, it won't speak to everyone but it'll speak to someone. But it's unique in every market. So I would say to fellow TA leaders, start asking those questions, start really diving into, and you can get even more granular and get into the department level. Why do people come to this department? Why do people stay? What you need to do is you need to make those roles look "sexy." Like it's just the way it is. And so you as the TA director you need to spin that somehow, you need to wordsmith whatever you do to make that role look attractive to the outside world. If you put on that job posting that title five RN, registered nurse is responsible for patient care blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, you're not gonna win the battle. What I mean that you need to do is in those first three sentences is you need to hook that person as to why they could see themselves in that department. And I think your recruiters are too busy to do that on their own. So you as the TA leader, you need to drive that change. Joe: No, I think that's fantastic. And actually I've been trying to push. I think what that gets down to, it's number one, like, so here's the game plan, like if you're a new TA leader in an organization or if you've been there for a while it's like, and you haven't done this it's like number one make sure you go out there and you listen, you ask the right questions, and listen to what these groups, or divisions, or teams are saying is like their unique differentiator, right? Write that down, take those notes. And then number two. And this is what I love that what you said and I've been trying to push is, I think that there's a, I think recruiters could become better copywriters, right? So like we can all write, we all know how to speak this language, and we all know how to write but do you know how to write that's going to attract someone's attention and we're all fighting for that same attention so the teams that are gonna win are the ones that number one know the differentiators and then number two know how to present that in the best possible light, right? Brandon: You're spot-on 1,000%. Joe: Thanks for watching this clip and make sure you go to to subscribe to our video series so you never miss an episode and to get exclusive access to our video content. See you next time! The Recruiting Chatbot Revolution ad

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