War for Talent

Your Guide to Winning the War for Talent in a Competitive Labor Market

Jun 30, 2021 - Valery Caputi Lopez

The battle for employees is heating up in an economic climate marked by falling unemployment, growing job opportunities, changing worker demands, and high job market volatility. Workforce shortages are hammering various industries. The shift to remote and hybrid work has altered the status quo. Eligible job seekers are becoming more difficult to attract.

With these challenges in mind, what do you need to know to successfully navigate this increasingly competitive hiring arena and come out on top?

We’ve collected our best content on today’s labor market and how to win top talent in a competitive landscape. From hard-hitting research on the current state of affairs to expert recommendations on how to survive and thrive in your respective industries, this roundup article covers what you need to know to understand why the talent wars are happening and what you need to do to compete.

Frequently Asked Questions on the War for Talent:

1. What is the War for Talent?

    Unusual Labor Market Trends Are Driving Today’sWar for Talent [Blog Post]

    Understanding the main reasons behind the Talent Wars is the first step in deciding how to tackle them. This informative article gives an in-depth look at the economic and social factors that led to the current situation as we know it, discussing why so many workers appear to be not able or ready to re-enter the workforce at a time when they’re in very high demand, as well as which tools can help talent acquisition professionals to stay competitive through it all.

    2. How Does the War for Talent Affect You?

      The Post-COVID Era Presents Hiring Challenges & Opportunities [Twitter Panel: BenefitsPRO]

      Thanks to the help of a panel of experts (including Brazen’s own Ed Barrientos), BenefitsPRO hosted this fast-moving Twitter chat discussing the many challenges and opportunities hiring managers are facing in 2021. Their 8 questions cover topics such as the pros and cons of virtual hiring and onboarding tools as well as what recent grads and established workers are looking for when applying for jobs.

      The War for Talent is Impacting Higher Education [Blog Post]

      Believe it or not, the talent war will affect how universities and colleges interact with current and prospective students, especially as things heat up in certain industries and the adoption of remote and hybrid work becomes more widespread. Read this insightful blog post to understand the latest labor market trends, how they can impact institutions in higher ed, and how these should adjust their strategies and tactics to get the results they rely on year after year.

      3. How to Win the War for Talent?

        Compete for Top Talent With Engaging Virtual Hiring Events [Blog Post]

        Read this article to find out how the virtual hiring tools you’ve likely acquired during the pandemic can be used to stand out in the middle of the talent wars of today. See how even in the tightest talent markets, virtual recruiting events can allow you to reach candidates with less effort, erase geographic barriers, and free up valuable time and resources, in addition to other benefits and advantages.

        Learn How Special Operations & Great Organizations Win Top Talent [Podcast]

        Veteran, coach, mentor and TA leader with more than 20 years of executive HR and TA experience with Fortune 100 and Fortune 1000 companies, George Randle knows first-hand that the fight for top talent never ends. Listen to his Talent on the Rise podcast episode to learn the secrets behind how to hire well and build high-performing, resilient teams.

        Answer Candidate Questions About The Hybrid Workplace & The Pandemic [Blog Post]

        Have you communicated your organization’s response to the pandemic and how that will affect your workplace in the short and long term to prospective candidates? If not, you really should be. Follow the handy tips from this actionable article to find out how to best prepare your recruiting team and hiring managers to answer some of your potential candidates’ most pressing questions.

        Win Talent By Offering Them Flexible & Remote Work - Permanently [Podcast]

        “Now that we’ve sent a large number of people to work from home, we can’t go back to the way things were,” Shelly Holt, Chief People Officer at Payscale affirmed. To succeed, every organization needs to craft a new strategy to meet employees’ new expectations around flexibility, compensation and assessment. Holt shares her wisdom in this exclusive Talent on the Rise podcast appearance, giving hiring professionals advice on how to adjust to this new paradigm and plan for where the virtual/hybrid work trend will take us.

        Keep Remote Work & Technology Gains You Adopted During the Pandemic [Blog Post]

        If you’ve already invested in technology to get you through the pandemic, now’s the time to take a big leap forward, not a step back so you don’t risk losing the gains you’ve made. Check out this helpful article to see which of these changes to bolster -as well as which others to introduce- so your organization can continue to grow, keep and attract top talent, and become more competitive within this rapidly shifting global landscape.

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