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Top 5 AI Recruiting Software

Apr 14, 2022 - Valery Caputi Lopez

In an era when companies are becoming increasingly digital with their recruitment and geographic boundaries are virtually nonexistent, artificial intelligence (AI) takes center stage as the key to frictionless and efficient talent acquisition.

AI is crucial to talent acquisition and recruitment because it streamlines the hiring process, from reaching out to potential candidates to onboarding processes when they’re being hired. But beyond enhancing efficiency and speed (which are among the major concerns for HR teams today), AI can also help recruiters to enhance their hiring efforts in a multitude of different ways.

The Benefits of Using AI for Recruitment

To begin with, AI automated recruiting improves the overall quality of recruitment by minimizing skills mismatch. For example, a recruitment chatbot can help steer applicants towards positions that are relevant to their experience and credentials. Chatbots can also collect data recruiters can use to refine their search parameters and job posting advertisements.

AI recruitment platforms can also minimize unconscious bias. By establishing the core qualifications for a position, recruiters can focus more on merit instead of allowing their first impressions to influence their selections. Moreover, AI recruitment platforms can suggest skills and characteristics that will benefit a team and a company at large.

Now let’s talk about automation. AI automated recruiting helps HR and talent acquisition (TA) professionals fill positions faster. Hiring procedures need documentation, and doing everything manually can take hours – time that’s better spent conducting interviews and onboarding new hires. Through AI automated recruiting, HR managers won’t have to spend more time than necessary on repetitive tasks and can focus more on their candidates during their recruiting process instead.

Correctly-calibrated AI can also address other pain points in traditional recruiting, such as crafting effective job postings, automating candidate screenings, improving candidate communications, delivering better database search results, saving resumes, processing redundant applications, and not overlooking candidates who apply for one job but are better suited for another.

Brazen: AI-Enhanced Recruitment

Brazen offers an entire suite of online recruitment tools, all of which promote a seamless, conversational experience for both recruiter and applicant. The platform harnesses AI technology to digitize and optimize parts of the recruitment process to make way for relationship building and better conversations. We believe this is especially important now that a significant part of recruitment takes place online and candidates as well as recruiters alike are looking for increasingly convenient and accessible ways to connect with one another.

Our technology empowers recruiters to communicate with applicants well and humanize the candidate experience across a candidate’s journey instead of having candidates transfer from one link to another with minimal interaction with HR managers or TA staff.

Brazen's recruiting technology is suitable for organizations with a “people first” ethos. Recruiters can have genuine, face-to-face conversations with candidates regardless of their geographic location with our technology. We make it possible for each interaction to leave candidates with positive impressions about the company, even for interactions that are automated.

The Brazen platform includes the following capabilities:

With Brazen, you can build relationships with quality candidates from the get-go. A satisfying candidate experience can win over in-demand applicants and bring the best talents into your recruiting workflow.

There is no denying the benefits that AI recruiting solutions can do for a recruiting team and their application process. However, there are so many options that it can be challenging to find a platform that aligns perfectly with your hiring processes, requirements, and end-goals. Brazen is an excellent choice, but if you want to compare how it fares with other AI recruiting software, here is a list of popular AI recruiting platforms along with their top-selling propositions and features.

5 Highly-Rated AI Recruitment Software Platforms


Global firms use Fetcher from different industries such as Foursquare, Andela, Wealthsimple, Optiver, and Industrious. What makes them different from many AI recruitment platforms is they also provide an internal team that monitors data and maximizes AI learning to ensure that a diverse candidate pool makes the cut.

As the name suggests, Fetcher pulls data from the web about each candidate, including their social media accounts and professional profiles. And with its one-click web browser extension, recruiters can review a candidate’s background, current interests, affiliations, and work history, among others, within seconds.

Fetcher’s AI automated recruiting helps companies and recruitment agencies grow a diverse and impressive talent pipeline which helps recruiters in the long term. They won’t have to sift through hundreds of resumes each time they recruit for a position. Instead, Fetcher can provide qualified candidates from its aggregated data, making recruitment faster for everyone.

Main features:

  • Web browser extension
  • Live team tracking
  • Automated email center (for personalizing emails and re-messaging campaigns)
  • Hiring data analytics


  • Better suited to large companies and recruitment agencies that are always looking for people to hire.


Humanly aims to make conversations flow naturally between recruiters and candidates with automation accelerating recruitment, ensuring diversity, and bringing the most qualified candidates to the top of the pool. The platform can also execute these processes at scale – ideal for recruitment agencies and companies that hire on a large scale.

Humanly automates the screening process from the very beginning, tagging each candidate’s educational attainment, experience, and skill levels. This method casts a wide net from the very top of the recruitment funnel, ensuring the diversity of the talent pool.

Humanly also uses next-generation AI technology to take recruitment automation to the next level. For example, it transcribes interviews and offers insights into job seekers’ sentiment during the conversation (positive, neutral, or negative). It also shows the keywords they used most often and the topics discussed with the recruiter. These data give HR managers a better understanding of a candidate’s expectations, attitude towards the company, and other factors they want to consider before making an offer.

Humanly’s clients include Microsoft, Lacie Thompson Marketing, The Kleinback Group, Armoire, NexGenT, Seattle Storm, and Oakland Roots.

Main Features:

  • Equitable screening automation
  • Interview analytics
  • Automated screening and scheduling
  • Automated engagement


  • Better suited to large companies and recruitment agencies that hire on a large scale.
  • Its creators designed the program to find people who can “add to your culture” instead of fitting into your culture. This could be an issue if new hires don’t align with the company’s existing culture and create friction among the workforce as a result.


Arya makes every step of the hiring process simpler and faster for recruiters and HR professionals. The platform offers a free trial where you can experience the potential of the platform and its existing pool of candidates.

The platform is very easy to use. First, clients need to create a job order complete with job descriptions and skills requirements (Arya’s market intelligence will also suggest skills and experience that will suit the job you’re looking to fill). Once submitted, Arya will generate complete profiles of qualified, quality candidates (free account users can get ten candidates on their first job posting) pre-screened by Arya’s recruitment professionals.

One great advantage with Arya is you can use it for in-demand, pay-per-job recruiting. Small companies and startups can benefit from its AI recruiting solutions without committing to a long-term recruitment partnership that may cost more than they can afford.

Main Features:

  • Arya Pulse (in-demand AI recruiting service)
  • Interactive job assistant (for creating job postings)
  • People intelligence (hiring trend insights)
  • Human-screened talent pool


  • You will be reliant on Arya’s current pool of applicants and must cherry-pick the best candidates, as opposed to attracting qualified professionals who are eager to work for your company.


HireEZ (previously Hiretual) demonstrates how well AI-assisted recruitment works in a talent acquisition process by enabling outbound recruiting and helping clients hire smarter and faster. HireEZ offers collaboration and talent management tools for recruitment teams. Also, if you already have an applicant tracking system (ATS) in place, HireEZ can integrate the system so that none of your curated candidate information gets lost.

HireEZ taps over 45 open web platforms with 840 million professional profiles to connect recruiters with candidates actively searching for jobs. It analyzes all profile contents, including pronouns and memberships to professional organizations to surface minority candidates.

The platform also has an analytics dashboard that reveals engagement drop-offs and response and qualification rates – valuable data that can inform your next decisions.

Main Features:

  • Diversity Analytics
  • Chrome browser extension
  • Talent Maps (benchmarks the recruitment data of your industry and competitors)
  • Boolean Strings (a search engine for candidate profiles)
  • Automated screening and ranking of ATS candidates


  • This platform is best suited for companies that are meticulous about hiring the right people and have the luxury of time and resources to be involved in every stage of the recruitment (as opposed to AI recruiting solutions that bring candidates to human recruiters, not the other way around).
  • Recruiters looking forward to a shorter and faster recruitment process might find HireEZ’s outbound recruitment approach counterproductive.


XOR’s promise to recruiters is that they can spend 100 percent of their time speaking with candidates. They are unlike other companies because they handle a huge chunk of the recruitment process, including screening and interviewing candidates. XOR can even take care of onboarding so that recruiters can – quite literally – focus only on finding the right people. Additionally, the platform automates all other repetitive tasks, ensuring an efficient recruitment process.

Main Features:

  • Virtual career fairs / virtual interviews (allows you to hire anyone anywhere in the world)
  • Automated recruitment system
  • Preliminary qualified screening
  • Mobile chatbot


  • Since pre-screening is outsourced, transparency and diversity might be compromised for the sake of fast and convenient hiring.
  • You will be giving up control over the screening process, which will deprive you of the chance to meet candidates who rank lower on the talent pool but are a better fit for your company culture.

Level-Up Your Recruitment with AI

AI-powered recruitment amplifies your reach, streamlines workflows, and, in many cases, takes a huge chunk off of your recruiters’ workloads. Moreover, these innovative recruiting tools prove that contrary to popular belief, AI integration doesn’t replace humans but rather enhances their effectiveness on the job.

Specifically with AI-enhanced recruitment, companies can find qualified job candidates faster, cut down recruitment costs, surface applications from highly qualified minorities, conduct engaging interviews online, and more.

While any of the vendors above can upgrade certain areas of your recruitment process, Brazen offers a suite of recruiting tools designed to boost your recruiting efforts at many different levels. For example, you can automate repeatable processes with our chatbots, scale-up recruitment campaigns by hosting virtual career fairs, and humanize virtual communications through video chat, group chat, and text recruitment. Finally, you can increase the reach and diversity of your talent pipelines by tapping new candidate pools through Brazen’s Sourcing Marketplace.

We’ve developed an excellent virtual hiring event platform that has helped many companies find remarkable talent and grow their workforce. Coupled with AI automated recruiting, Brazen’s intuitive platform can make recruitment one of your company’s major strengths. 

To find out if Brazen's right for you and your organization, check out our demo

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