Top 9 HR tech podcasts of 2021

Jan 27, 2021 - Cat DiStasio

Who doesn’t love a good podcast? The format has emerged as a convenient way for people to consume information on nearly any topic imaginable, from comedy to motivation to murder mysteries to the history of gnomes (yep, you read that right). On top of that, there are countless podcasts centering on business topics, from marketing and finance to leadership and sales to product development and, of course, human resources. Podcasts are a great way for talent acquisition leaders to stay informed about growing trends, cutting edge tools, and other aspects of expanding your HR tech stack. We’ve rounded up the best nine HR tech podcasts every TA leader should check out in 2021.

Digital HR Leaders with David Green

Loaded with use cases and examples, the weekly Digital HR Leaders podcast and accompanying video series puts a spotlight on HR leaders who are driving digital transformation in their organizations, leaning heavily into data analytics, and designing a tech-centric future for HR. Host David Green talks with HR leaders in a wide variety of industries and from organizations around the world to explore the trends and innovations that are shaping the HR world. Recent episodes look at the impact of virtual and hybrid work on innovation, using people analytics to enable hyper-personalization, and predictions from industry experts on the future of HR.

DriveThruHR with Micheal VanDervort and Robin Schooling

With easy-to-consume episodes lasting just 30-45 minutes, DriveThruHR is rapidly approaching it’s 11th consecutive year in production. Hosts Micheal VanDervort and Robin Schooling cover a broad range of HR topics, including employment law, strategic HR, and, of course, technology. Many of their guests are CEO and founders of organizations in the HR space, and with a 10+ year archive of episodes to choose from, TA leaders can hone in on topics they are most curious about. New episodes are released frequently, sometimes twice a week, so there’s always a fresh topic to explore.

Talent on the Rise with Joe Matar, Ryan Healy, and Ashley O’Connor

In Brazen’s HR podcast, hosts Joe Matar, Ryan Healy, and Ashley O’Connor talk with industry leaders about talent acquisition trends, technology tools, and the challenges HR leaders face in today’s business world. Each episode features an HR executive, often at the C-level, who offers insights that help other TA leaders create change, shape organizational culture, and plot their own career paths. Past episodes have explored the importance of investing in employee development, the power of storytelling in strengthening employer brand, and the impact of remote work.

HCM Technology Report with Mark Feffer

Perhaps the most snackable of all the podcasts on this list, most episodes of HCM Technology Report are under 15 minutes long and many clock in at less than 10. This pick is perfect for busy TA leaders who still want to tap into today’s trends. Host Mark Feffer talks about the ride of learning technology, new challenges stemming from remote work, and emerging technologies organizations are using for team management.

HR Happy Hour with Steve Boese and Trish McFarlane

The weekly HR Happy Hour podcast covers a wide variety of practical and timely topics for HR leaders, including employee mental health, compensation trends, and HCM technology. In most episodes, which hover around the 30-minute mark, hosts Steve Boese and Trish McFarlane talk with industry leaders, research experts, and authors who focus on all sorts of HR topics. The hosts also publish a daily video show called WORK BREAK! for HR leaders, which feature short conversations on workplace and technology topics.

Punk Rock HR with Laurie Ruettimann

What do punk rock and HR have in common? Usually, not much. Host Laurie Ruettimann brings a bit of the punk ethos to her podcast (formerly called Let’s Fix Work) and focuses on guests who are striving to blow up the status quo and create a new, different, and better approach to work. Her guests often share tales of how they hated work, and the steps they took to reinvent their careers and/or their organizations to turn things around. Past topics include HR trends, the impact of a hybrid workforce, and how to improve your Zoom presence.

Recruiting Future with Matt Alder

As you might infer from the name, the Recruiting Future podcast focuses on the future of HR and the workplace. Host Matt Alder talks with HR leaders who are transforming their organizations, and the industry at large, through innovation and strategy. By sharing their stories, Recruiting Future helps inspire the next generation of leaders and illustrate what’s possible for the evolution of HR. Recent episodes have covered automation, conversational intelligence, and recruitment marketing.

21st Century HR with Lars Schmidt

Host Lars Schmidt is the founder of Amplify, an HR executive search firm, and he brings his interest in building better businesses to the center stage in his podcast, 21st Century HR. He talks with HR executives and leaders in other industries who are working to promote workplace equality, create new frameworks for employee engagement, and other emerging talent trends. Most recently, Schmidt has been hosting a series of special episodes to investigate how HR leaders are responding to the coronavirus pandemic, from remote work tech stacks to managing communications.

Worktrends with Meghan M. Biro

Perhaps the only HR podcast with its own weekly Twitter chat (#worktrends 1:30pm ET on Wednesdays), Worktrends is all about news from industry experts and practitioners as well as HR tech vendors. Covering work-related topics from all angles, host Meghan M. Biro explores how COVID-19 has changed job hunting, improving the candidate experience, and supporting employees’ mental health.

Podcast your way to better work

Whether you have five minutes to fill or you like to tune in to HR conversations while you work on other tasks, there’s an HR podcast out there waiting for you. We know talent acquisition leaders need to keep tabs on other aspects of HR and business at large, so we hope you’ll find a few new favorites in this list of HR tech podcasts. Whichever you choose, don’t forget to subscribe on your favorite streaming platform so you never miss a new episode!

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