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Top 6 Recruitment Automation Platforms

Aug 02, 2022 - Valery Caputi Lopez

Recruitment automation is a service-as-a-software (SaaS) technology that enables companies and recruiters to automate workflows and tasks related to talent acquisition and recruitment. Recruitment automation software exists to make recruitment easier and faster for recruiters and job seekers alike. Most importantly, it boosts the productivity and efficiency of recruitment firms and companies looking to fill vacant positions or find qualified specialists as quickly as possible.

Brazen: Automation From The Top Of The Recruitment Funnel

Brazen is a virtual hiring event platform that automates a large portion of the manual tasks in a recruitment process. From the very top of the recruitment funnel ("awareness") down to the final stage ("hiring"), Brazen has features that automate key segments of the recruitment and hiring process so that recruiters can move qualified candidates quickly through the funnel.

Our live chat product, QuickChat, is one excellent example. It features a recruitment chatbot that automatically routes applicants to specific recruiters based on the job, reducing friction and manual effort, and automating time-consuming scheduling and screening tasks.

Another example is Brazen’s FAQ Concierge, a chatbot feature that supplies the answers to frequently asked questions by applicants. It can save recruiters a lot of time and allow them to focus more on bottom-funnel candidates. The best part is that the FAQ Concierge is the only chatbot today that can send text and video replies.

Brazen also automates how recruiters find applicants and communicate with them by connecting candidates’ data to the recruiters’ preferred Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms. Additionally, the platform smoothly transitions applicants from chat to video call during interviews, giving them and recruiters a friction-free experience. Finally, all data gathered about the talent pool —from screening to interview— is automatically stored and kept secure throughout the recruiting process.

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More automation takes place throughout Brazen’s recruitment automation technology and platform. For transparency’s sake, we’ve also listed five more vendors that offer similar services.


Jobvite is an automated, end-to-end talent acquisition suite that helps recruiters find qualified candidates as efficiently as possible. A key feature is its applicant tracking systems (ATS) that automatically gathers, categorizes, collates, and stores applicant data when a job posting goes live. The ATS sorts job applications, matches job descriptions with keywords in resumes, and sends the shortlisted candidates via email with SMS notifications to recruitment teams.

Jobvite’s other core features are recruitment marketing, communication management, onboarding, candidate nurturing, and analytics.

  • Pros: End-to-end recruitment automation with ATS support. Jobvite streamlines the recruitment process, allowing large enterprises to make multiple hires simultaneously without exhausting human resources.
  • Cons: The data reporting feature is complicated and not very helpful to recruiters. When viewed on web browsers, the platform is glitchy, especially with multiple tabs open. Jobvite’s customer service is also lacking, according to reviews.

Zoho Recruit

As part of a comprehensive suite of recruitment automation tools, online services, and SaaS products for all things related to business, Zoho Recruit integrates seamlessly with Zoho HR management solutions, providing a reliable recruitment automation software that makes hiring easier. In addition, it offers end-to-end hiring solutions that satisfy the business needs of staffing agencies and corporate HRs.

Zoho Recruit primarily functions as an ATS. It links with Microsoft Outlook, Google Apps, and social networking sites like LinkedIn to find potential candidates and automatically reach out via email or private message. Recruiters can also publish job postings on multiple job boards and create a branded company career page to attract job seekers. Other features include background checks, an employee referral platform, remote onboarding, and templated timesheets for temporary hires.

  • Pros: Zoho Recruit has recruitment automation solutions designed specifically for staffing agencies, agencies for temporary staffing, and corporate HR departments. It is also easier to integrate into most business processes because Zoho products have many users worldwide.
  • Cons: While user-friendly, the dashboard and functionality of Zoho Recruit are limited. Customization options for creating recruitment pipelines based on a position or department’s needs are also limited.

HireEZ (formerly Hiretual)

HireEZ is an AI-powered automation recruitment platform that connects recruiters with 800 million candidates from 45 open web platforms, including Meta, LinkedIn, Twitter, RateMDs, Career Builder, GitHub, etc. Thanks to its AI technology, it helps recruiters practice inclusivity and diversity when finding ideal candidates. It also provides a built-in email marketing and interview scheduling tool that allows a recruiting team to write templated emails quickly, facilitate candidate communication, and track everyone’s data and screening progress.

One of the best qualities of HireEZ is it facilitates collaboration between hiring managers, recruiters, and department heads, ensuring that the prospective candidates hired are the best fit for a particular position and department.

  • Pros: It is an all-in-one platform with which recruiters can fully enjoy the benefits of an automated recruitment process. The AI sourcing and deep web integration make finding candidates easier and faster, and the automated recruitment funnel enables recruiters to hire smarter.
  • Cons: The platform is more helpful in some industries and unhelpful in others. If you’re looking to hire for a niche sector, your options will still be limited. The candidate reach of non-enterprise users and the email contacts provided to free-version users are also too few.


An award-winning recruitment automation software, JazzHR automates the entire recruitment process from sourcing candidates to making an offer. The platform’s dashboard displays the most relevant stats, like the number of hired, new, and active qualified applicants. Recruiters can also rank candidates according to their evaluation scores, making it easier to identify the order of priority.

JazzHR also enables collaborative hiring. Different team members, hiring managers, and department heads can all discuss and evaluate potential employees to hire the best fit among them all. Other key features of the platform include recruiting tools like applicant tracking, employer branding, synced and automated calendars, interview scheduler, job requisition management, and customizable workflows. As a result, JazzHR helps recruiters to be more productive and, at the same time, gives applicants an enjoyable experience.

  • Pros: The platform is highly customizable and can easily integrate with other third-party HR recruitment systems. Recruiters can text or email candidates for faster interview scheduling. Interviewers can also set up questions to ensure a consistent screening with little to zero bias.
  • Cons: JazzHR cannot link to Zoom or Teams, creating a break in the screening process and candidate journey when interviewers and candidates have to stop communications to log into their respective web conferencing accounts.


BambooHR is an all-in-one HR management software that also offers talent acquisition teams automated recruitment features. It has a mobile hiring app for Android and Apple devices that allows recruiters to review resumes, answer applicants’ questions, and initiate pre-interview communication while on the go. The app also enables recruiters to create email templates for different stages of the hiring process.

BambooHR uses ATS and tracks each candidate’s progress through the recruitment funnel. Recruiters can also see at a glance the number of applicants in every stage of the funnel. In addition, they can view reports and statistics, schedule interviews, identify bottlenecks, and measure their time-to-hire and productivity.

  • Pros: The platform is wholly integrated into an existing HR system, so it’s effortless for a company that already uses the software to onboard new hires.
  • Cons: BambooHR is primarily an HR management software, so it doesn’t have sourcing capabilities or Zoom/Teams integration. It is ideal for small and medium-sized companies but not for large organizations with multiple recruitment workflows and hiring needs.

A streamlined and automated recruitment process benefits a company in many ways. It helps departments find candidates whose skills, experience, and disposition are a perfect match for the rest of its members. It empowers hiring managers and recruiters, helping them reduce their time-to-hire and cost-per-hire averages, cut out repetitive tasks, and improve overall productivity. It also leaves applicants with a positive impression of the company, so they only have good things to say about their experience whether they get hired or not.

Brazen is built to help businesses and organizations experience these benefits and more. If you have questions about how our platform works and how its features can help your recruitment and talent acquisition strategy, contact our sales team or schedule a demo to get an insider look at our recruitment automation tools and features.

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