Top Solutions to Common Career Dilemmas

Jan 22, 2014 -

Sometimes, there’s nothing like a good cheat sheet.

Whether you’ve been reading Brazen for a while or just joined us recently (hello!), you know we’re all about motivating you to move in the right direction, whatever step of the career journey you’re on. We’re also all about giving you the tools to do so, because what good is motivation if you don’t know how to put it into practice?

Which is why we’ve put together this handy little reference for some of the most common career dilemmas faced by Millennials today. Whatever’s holding you back, we’ve got you covered! (Click here to tweet this guide.)

“I’m sick of being unemployed!”

Why Your Run-of-the-Mill Job-Search Strategy is Getting You Nowhere

How to Turn the Dreaded “How’s the Job Search Going?” Question Into Opportunity

Why Working Several Part-Time Jobs to Make Ends Meet is Not the End of the World

Why the Informational Interview Should Be Your Favorite Job-Hunting Tactic

Practical Ways to Use Unemployment to Your Advantage

“What if I bomb this interview?”

The Best Answers to the Worst Interview Questions

Tough Questions You Should Be Prepared to Answer During a Job Interview

6 Questions to Ask During Your Interview That Will Make an Employer Want to Hire You

How to Prepare for (and Close) Your Next Interview

4 Tactics to Make the Most of Your Interview (Even If You Don’t Get the Job)

“I have no idea what I want…”

How to Decide on a Career (Even If You Don’t Know What You Want)

3 Steps to Finding a Job You Truly Love

6 Tips for Incorporating Multiple Interests Into One Career

Careers That Work Best If You Have Multiple Passions

5 Things You Should Look for in Your First Job (Because It’s Not All About Salary!)

“I think it’s time to make a change.”

What to Do When You Realize You Chose the Wrong Career

The 3 Worst Mistakes to Make When Changing Careers

10 Steps for Changing Careers Without Losing Your Mind

How to Change Careers Even If You Think It’s Too Late

7 Careers You Can Switch To Without Earning Another Degree

“I feel stuck in a rut.”

Why Being Selfish is the Best Way to Get Ahead in Your Career

5 Ways to Show Your Boss You’re Ready for That Promotion

Think Twice About That Promotion

10 Terrible Ways to Ask for a Raise

Want More Career Responsibility? Here’s How to Get It

“I’m ready to take this job and shove it.”

Should You Quit Your Job? 5 Solid Reasons to Pack It Up

Stay or Go? 6 Questions to Consider Before Changing Jobs

How to Look for a New Job When You’re Already Employed

How to Keep Your Head in the Game When Your Heart’s Left the Building

Don’t Quit Your Job Just Because You Want To

“I’m so freakin’ stressed!”

10 Ways to Simplify Your Life and Be Happier at Work

9 Ways to Conquer Your Chaotic Workday

The Control Freak’s Guide to Getting Work Done

Tips for Leaving Work at Work (and Staying Sane)

The Young Professional’s Guide to Surviving a Terrible Week

“I want to do my own thing.”

The Wannabe Entrepreneur’s Quiz: 7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Quitting Your Day Job

10 Things to Know Before Quitting Your Job and Embracing a New Lifestyle

Want to Follow Your Dream? Don’t Quit Your Day Job

5 Big, Brave Choices to Lead You to Successful Self-Employment

How to Convince Your Boss to Let You Go Virtual

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