Use a hack-a-thon to find really amazing technical talent

May 15, 2019 - Joe Matar

Learn how 3Pillar is using the hack-a-thon in this clip and then check out the full version here

In this short clip, Cody Winters from 3Pillar Global shares how his organization is using hack-a-thons to find, attract, and hire top technical talent. The hack-a-thons are fun for candidates but also give 3Pillar an efficient way to find and test top talent all at once.

Full Transcript

Joe: Well, so tell me a little bit more about like these, like the hackathon. So you guys will attend these hackathons like your team is on the lookout for.

Cody: And we'll actually, what we're doing right now is we're putting a big push around and we actually host the hackathons ourselves. So right now we, and this was just something that we ironed out and rolled out yesterday, as we are putting a strong focus around hiring entry-level college graduates...and we're putting, now putting a marketing / branding spend to those tech stacks and hosting hackathons in those cities and inviting individuals from recent graduates or colleges that are in those areas to attend these hackathons.

And the goal and idea and an outcome that we want to achieve from these events is we have a large audience of potential employees or potential hires that we could make, we put them through these hackathon events to see who the rockstars are, the ones that step up and beyond. And we're then going to take that pool of candidates and invite them in to be a part of a formal interview process with 3Pillar.

So that is something that was ironed out yesterday and that we are putting into practice not only because it's very important to us to hire and give individuals at an entry level an opportunity to grow within our organization but the supply and demand is there for us, too. It was a very easy conversation to have from the top down in terms of let's invest dollars here and get these types of folks through the doors because we see a great opportunity for them to then grow their careers and stay at 3Pillar for an extended amount of time which also decreases our attrition which is always a good thing.

Joe: Yeah, I gotta imagine that this will be actually, you know, attribution or measuring like your return on an investment, it's always difficult. It is marketing it is also in recruiting. But with these hackathons I mean you should be able to attribute like look these people attended this hackathon that we sponsored and hosted and, you know, that we marketed and brought people in. You'll be able to see like how those candidates kind of moved through the funnel. You'll really see if this is the right investment to be making. But I gotta imagine it will be.

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