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Work Smarter, Not Harder: Using Technology to Amplify Great Candidate Experiences

Dec 14, 2022 - Valery Caputi Lopez

Technology isn’t meant to replace human interactions. On the contrary, when used optimally, it can greatly improve and enhance recruiter-candidate relationships by giving talent acquisition professionals the time they need to nurture them–the right way.

Modern recruitment teams achieve this by using virtual recruiting tools to:

  • offer interested prospects direct access to people on their team,
  • send job reminders to candidates at the right time,
  • highlight your employee stories, benefits, and organizational culture,
  • give past prospects future chances to connect,
  • promote online and in-person events, Q&As, and informational sessions,
  • automate repetitive and manual tasks,
  • build up their short and long-term pipelines all year round,
  • and host unique virtual events that attract, engage, and inspire, among other smart tactics.

If your team isn’t using recruitment tools in some of these ways already, then you're missing out on effective solutions that can really help your recruiters to connect with more of the people they want to reach.

The Right Mix of Tech Creates Multiple Synergies for Hiring Teams

The beauty of hiring technology and recruiting tools [like Brazen’s virtual hiring event platform] is that they helps users cultivate these positive relationships without requiring extra staff, budget, or overtime hours.

Lori Burt, Executive Director for Talent Acquisition from City of Hope talked about how her hiring team is optimizing their recruitment practices during our recent Healthcare hiring tips webinar,

“So this year we'll be launching a CRM, hopefully with a chat bot. Both of those tools help keep candidates interested. Again, it's all going to be about candidate engagement. We [also] use registrants from other Brazen events who showed up or maybe didn't show up at the last event and we just keep pinging them. We just launched the Employee Referral site, so we have all of that information that we can capture too, and all of those people are added into our invitation list moving forward. Most of those people didn’t apply [in the first place], but they did give us a resume or enough information where we can go through and screen them for specific roles. It not only allows us to reach out to those applicants ahead of a hiring event, but it also helps us reach out to those candidates after the event if we know that there are really talented people in there who maybe didn't get the offer this time, but could in a later round or for another job.

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Removing Barriers for Collecting Information Results in Larger Candidate Pools

As we’ve explored in previous articles, competitive healthcare providers are looking for ways to make entering their recruitment funnel simpler, faster, and less time-intensive for both medical and non-medical candidates. Given the scale and urgency of their needs combined with the growing talent shortage, they realized that they would need to differentiate themselves in more ways than just higher salaries and better benefits in order to attract the best available talent.

Some organizations are working on speeding up time-to-hire, hosting virtual and in-person hiring events in which applicants can get offers on the same day. Others have focused on reducing barriers to entry into their talent pipelines, such as by scrapping the traditional job application form as a first step in the recruitment process. And more and more are using clever strategies to deliver accessible and more user-friendly candidate experiences that take prospects’ interests, schedules, and preferences in mind (more on that here).

But getting candidates into your database is just the first step. After that, what matters is how your team is utilizing this data to engage, re-engage, and activate good prospects over time.

According to Aaron Crouse, National Sourcing Manager for Talent Acquisition at Accenture, “the worst thing you can do with collecting that data is to never use it. That's one of the things we coach our local markets on; you can always send a follow up email to the person that gave you their information”.

To learn for yourself how to optimize your recruiting process and deliver better candidate experiences straight from the experts' mouths, watch the on-demand video here.

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