[VIDEO] How you can use Brazen to attract more quality candidates

Apr 16, 2018 - Joe Matar
[Transcript] In the past few videos we've talked about your recruiting challenges and why conversations are the future of recruiting. Today, we'd like to take that one step further and dive into Brazen's platform to show you how you can use it to attract more quality candidates. Traditionally, recruiters have limited the number of interactions on the career site to just one. Apply Now. But passive candidates expect so much more. The future of recruiting requires that you offer your candidates more than apply now. With Brazen's platform you can offer your candidates the chance to chat online with your recruiters. By doing so you are improving the candidate experience and increasing the number of options the candidate has to interact with you. Our customers are attracting twice the number of quality candidates by using Brazen. More quality candidates at the top means more quality hires at the bottom.

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