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Internal Virtual Corporate Events: 6 Ideas

Apr 20, 2021 - Cat DiStasio

It’s 2021, everything’s gone virtual, and that goes for internal corporate events as much as everything else. If you’re not planning virtual events for your organization, it’s time to shift gears and get with the program. And it’s not too late.

Virtual event platforms make it possible to host engaging, dynamic events online that help you bring together employees no matter where they’re working. Virtual events are an effective way to integrate remote employees with those working onsite, and can also help employers overcome many of the challenges of a hybrid workforce.

Employers are increasingly turning to virtual events because of the other benefits as well. It’s kind of a no brainer, but virtual events offer a massive cost savings compared with in-person events, especially when you consider the elimination of travel and accommodation expenses, not to mention expensive venues, food, and entertainment. Virtual experiences are also a lot easier to plan and execute, which make them easier to host more events throughout the year. Because virtual events are so convenient, it’s also easier for the entire team to participate, regardless of employees' location and work schedule.

Here’s a look at six different ways to go virtual with your internal corporate events this year:

1. Virtual Town Hall

With the growing shift to a hybrid workforce, it’s more important than ever to find ways to bring employees together and foster collaborative discussions about your organizational culture, company-wide initiatives, and anything else that impacts everyone on staff. Virtual and hybrid events make it easy to ‘take the temperature’ of your workforce and help you collect the feedback you need to make the best decisions about your team’s future. Leverage the broadcast feature of virtual event platforms (like Brazen's) to allow leaders and other key personnel to communicate with employees, and add chat booths to create an interactive town hall online event.

2. Speed Networking

Using virtual activities and events to connect people is, on the most basic level, the whole point. Host speed networking events within departments or across your organization so your employees can get to know one another and build relationships that benefit everyone. Brazen recently launched new features that enable virtual event participants to interact with one another in booths designated for networking so it’s easier than ever for your employees to build community within your organization.

3. Internal Collaboration

The same features that allow employees to connect for professional networking can help teams get more work done, even if they're all working from different locations. Virtual event platforms can help teams create a virtual space to brainstorm new solutions, work on team projects, and plan interdepartmental initiatives either as one large group or within smaller breakout sessions. Virtual events help dispersed virtual teams come together for any reason, from day-to-day work to scheduled virtual team building activities.

4. Hackathons

Virtual hackathons are an effective way to tackle your organization’s biggest challenges. Whether you limit the attendance to employees or open the invitations to your broader industry community, a carefully planned virtual event can help bring together the best minds, facilitate collaboration and brainstorming, and build awareness and engagement around any topic. Adding social elements and entertainment options can improve event engagement and help inspire creative solutions for whatever your organization is facing.

For more tips on hosting a successful virtual hackathon, check out this article.

5. Online Games and Contests

A little friendly competition among individual employees or teams can go a long way toward fostering a culture of collaboration and inspiring highly engaged employees. When thinking of virtual event ideas, consider using a virtual event platform to host online team building games such as virtual scavenger hunts, where employees must visit different booths to find answers to challenge questions, or plan other competitions online that you've traditionally held in person. Virtual games, video games, and contests make it easier for all employees to participate, regardless of location and schedules, and there is less planning and prep work for your team to tackle as well.

6. Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives

Social responsibility has gained a lot of attention over the last few years, amid the movement for racial justice, gender equity, and the fight against climate change. As your leadership considers your organization’s goals and actions, virtual events can effectively engage your employees in your corporate responsibility initiatives. The live video broadcast feature works well for putting a spotlight on leaders who can share your goals and policies, while chat features help you collect feedback and allow employees to collaborate with leaders on how to bring those policies to life in meaningful ways.

Virtual Events for all Occasions and all Seasons

Hosting virtual corporate events doesn't mean you can never have another in-person event, but it does mean you can broaden your reach, save time and money, and boost employee engagement in convenient and fun ways. Event organizers, when you plan your next event, ask yourselves whether it's necessary to host it in-person or if a virtual event platform can lead to even better results. Before defining your event strategy and narrowing down your corporate event idea, ask employees how they feel about attending events in person in the future, and carefully consider what's best for your employees, your organization, and your business goals.

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