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5 Ways Virtual Recruiting Actually Helps Recruiters Get Time Back

May 24, 2022 - Cat DiStasio

Our recent survey with Talent Board revealed that “not having enough time” was the primary driver of low satisfaction for large recruiting teams. There are a lot of reasons recruiters might feel pressed for time: voluntary quit rates are still high, there’s been an increase in candidate ghosting, and there is an added level of complexity associated with working at an organization with many departments, locations, and hiring managers.

Fortunately, the right technology can offer relief to your overburdened talent acquisition team, if used strategically. Virtual recruiting, in particular, offers results that directly benefit TA teams and support the way they do their jobs. Some of the primary benefits of virtual recruiting and virtual career fair platforms are their ability to speed up the hiring process, reduce manual work, and help TA teams scale up sourcing and screening. All of this gives recruiters their time and energy back, freeing them up for quality conversations and strategic work.

Here’s a deeper dive into the key ways virtual recruiting actually gives recruiters time back, which could lead to higher job satisfaction across your team.

1. Virtual Recruiting Improves Efficiency Across your Talent Acquisition Team

There are many ways virtual recruiting tools can make your hiring process more efficient. Here are two key use cases our customers benefit from.

Adding a frequently asked questions (FAQ) chatbot on your main careers site and on individual job posting pages can help quickly answer candidates’ common questions about your organization’s history and culture, your job requirements, your application process, and your upcoming virtual events. Using an FAQ bot like this means your human recruiters will spend less time answering the same questions over and over.

If your organization is hiring for multiple locations, you can save time by hosting a single virtual recruiting event (or an event series) that encompasses all your locations or departments, so more recruiters and hiring managers can benefit from the same event. Some of our customers are using Brazen’s virtual event platform to host these national events with a booth for each location or department. This approach also helps you streamline how candidates are screened and consolidates the path into your talent database, making it easier to mine your talent community for future openings.

2. Virtual Recruiting Speeds Up the Hiring Process ( A Lot!)

Since its inception, virtual recruiting has allowed TA teams to speed up the hiring process. In today’s tight talent market, speed is just as crucial to satisfying candidates’ demands for a smooth and easy job search as it is to landing top talent before the competition does.

Using virtual recruiting tools—like a recruiting chatbot, online interviews, and virtual career fairs—can help you move candidates through the recruiting funnel more quickly and efficiently, so you can get from initial interest to final decision faster. Speeding up hiring gives recruiters time back by streamlining the most time-consuming parts of the process.

Recently, our customer AdventHealth shared that virtual recruiting has helped them reduce their time to hire by 10 days across their whole TA department. This gives them a significant advantage against other employers competing in the same talent pool and helps recruiters avoid burnout. [TK other customer examples, if any.]

3. Virtual Recruiting Enables the Ability to Scale Up

Along with speed, scale is another challenge your TA might be spending a lot of time on. Virtual recruiting events allow your team to screen hundreds of applicants in just a few hours, saving loads of time compared to the common practice of spending 15-30 minutes screening each applicant individually with a phone screen. With a tool like Brazen, this is not only possible, it’s a very common use case.

Virtual recruiting events also mean recruiters spend less time scheduling and conducting phone screenings. With virtual events, there are no more worries about no shows, either. Recruiters won’t waste any more time with candidates who miss their appointments, because there will be plenty of other candidates available to engage with. It’s also easy to follow up via email with candidates who register for a virtual career fair but don’t attend, so you can continue to nurture those relationships rather than starting over.

Having the ability to rate and follow up with candidates directly from your virtual event platform also means you’re not spending a ton of time sifting through paper resumes after an event to distribute them to a hiring manager. Virtual recruiting makes it simple and efficient to scale your recruiting process so your entire TA team can move candidates more quickly through the funnel.

With Brazen, you can even create templates for your virtual events. Templates help you save time on event setup, which means you can quickly and easily scale to hosting a weekly hiring event. Hosting regular recruiting events online helps create a steady pipeline of talent to your recruiters so you’re already at least one step ahead when a new requisition opens up.

4. Virtual Recruiting Automates Feedback and Follow-up Communications

The best virtual recruiting platforms allow you to automate candidate feedback surveys and follow-up communications, freeing recruiters up for more personalized interactions. Rather than spending hours emailing candidates individually with survey links, interview feedback, and instructions about next steps, your TA team can set up templates in the virtual event platform and automate these emails. This frees recruiters to focus on building relationships with prequalified candidates, coaching hiring managers on interview strategies, and maybe even spending some time celebrating their wins with their fellow team members.

5. Freeing Up Recruiters’ Time can Boost Job Satisfaction

Since a lack of time is the top reason for low satisfaction among TA teams at large organizations, anything that helps make the recruiting process faster, more efficient, and just plain easier can help address this understandable complaint. And when recruiters feel well supported by the tools they use to do their jobs, satisfaction is sure to increase. Investing in the right virtual recruiting technology could be the most important thing you do to protect your team from recruiter burnout—and it can certainly improve hiring outcomes at the same time.

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