VP of Marketing at 3Pillar, Margaret Irons, gives advice to recruiters

Mar 18, 2019 - Joe Matar
Full Transcript Joe: What's up guys. This is Joe Matar from Brazen and I'm here with Margaret Irons at a marketing conference here in DC. Thanks for joining me, Margaret. Margaret and I just spoke on a panel at the conference about inbound and outbound marketing and every time I'm with marketers I'm always thinking about recruiters so I was hoping Margaret you could share some advice for our audience, you know, how can recruiters be better marketers? What advice do you have for recruiters? Margaret: Sure, I think one great piece of advice for any recruiter is to look at the social media following and any candidate that they are looking at to interview or to screen. Any candidate who has a presence on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook you can understand a little bit about them, you can understand their dedication to their company, you can understand how proactive they are in supporting their own brand that they work for, and it can be a really great indication of what they are going to be doing for your company. Joe: Yeah so getting some Intel, some data on who that person is similar to all marketers do that when they're looking for a prospects and buyers for products. Margaret: Exactly, it's a great snapshot. Joe: Awesome, thanks, Margaret! The Recruiting Chatbot Revolution ad

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