Want a Promotion? Why You Should Start a Blog Now

Jan 02, 2015 -
In the ever-competitive job market, you need to go beyond the call of duty if you want to get ahead and land a profitable job. Some go back to school to complete their Master’s Degree or Doctorate. Others opt to completing short courses online or in academic institutions to complement their current skill sets. If the suggestions above don’t work for you, there’s one other thing you can do: start a blog. While blogging won’t boost your academic credentials, it has the power to help build your brand within your niche. If done correctly, you can increase the probability of getting hired by a high-paying client or company because of the good work you’re doing with your blog! This is done by turning your visitors into your blog subscribers and, ultimately, clients! Here’s how this process works:

Create strong content related to your niche on a consistent basis

Your ability to publish content online on your blog – whether articles, images, videos, or audio – that resonates with your target market is your biggest asset. Not only will your blog posts be found on Google, which will benefit you if potential clients Google your name and find your blog posts, but also has the ability to get you hired. The secret to crafting these kind of posts is by being helpful to your audience. This can only be done by refining your blog niche. When starting out with a blog post, ask yourself these questions:
  • What niche do I have lots of knowledge about and want to become an authority in?
  • Who is the target demographic for this niche?
  • What questions are my audience looking answers for?
  • What blog topics within my niche that have not been discussed online?
Once you’ve answered the questions above, you will be able to narrow down your niche and create focused and highly concentrated posts on your blog. This way you can impose your knowledge about a topic and create content that’s interesting to your readers. Another key to a successful blog is to publish content regularly. To remain consistent with the number of posts you publish within a week or month, you need to create an editorial calendar so you can keep track of the posts you have to create and publish in the future. This will ensure that you will serve up blog posts to your readers on a long-term basis.

Build an e-mail list

The endgame for your blog is to make profound connections with people online. Using the high-quality content that you’ve created for your audience, which is used to attract traffic and interest to your expertise, you need to give them a reason to take their relationship with you (as avid readers to your blog) to another level. One way of doing this is by building an e-mail list. Through your list, you can send subscribers blog updates, special offers, and exclusive content straight to their e-mails. Building a list is primarily done using email marketing tools (such as GetResponse) the help you create beautiful landing pages and sign-up forms to acquire your readers’ information. Once they are signed up, continue cultivating your relationship with them by sending out autoresponders with content that you want to share only to them. The great thing about an e-mail list is that people who signed up are most likely to convert into customers or clients, since they already took the first step by subscribing to you! The power of building an e-mail list as a way to land your dream job can be harnessed by following the tips below: (Click here to tweet this list.)
  • Offer your consultation services: Send out an autoresponder informing them that professional services are for hire. Sweeten the deal by offering discounted prices for those who hire you first.
  • Sell products: If you are selling e-books or video series about your topic of expertise, you can forward the details to your subscribers in the hopes of making a sale from them.
  • Send out free exclusive content: Reward subscribers by giving them white papers and insider info to help them regarding your niche. You can also run a sweepstakes and give away free stuff to them.
By building relationships with your subscribers, you not only increase your online brand within your industry, but it also gives you more job opportunities in the free market! How else can your blog can increase your chances of landing your dream job? Christopher Jan Benitez is a freelance writer for hire who started out by peddling $5 per article until finally landing more profitable writing gigs. He also has an unquenchable passion for all things content marketing and social media.