What can talent acquisition learn from the revitalization of Barcelona?

Jun 04, 2019 - Joe Matar

Barcelona hasn't always been known as a destination city. Prior to 1992, which was when Barcelona hosted the Olympics, Barcelona was in rough shape. Buildings were dilapidated, crime was on the rise, and there were no beaches. But Barcelona dug in and very quickly turned things around. They actually shipped in sand from inland to create the beautiful artificial beaches we know today, they updated historic buildings, and reduced much of their crime. And today, Barcelona is a destination city around the world. And you can do the same with your employer brand. But you have to start somewhere and you have to start NOW. Update that career site, update your message, and create new job descriptions that align with your brand.

Full Transcript

Joe Matar: Hola chicos! Estoy in Barcelona, Espana. Hey guys! I'm in Barcelona, Spain, and as you can see it's a little rainy today. But yesterday my wife and I went on this lovely walking tour of the city of Barcelona and our tour guide taught us that Barcelona hasn't always been as vibrant as a city as you see or know about today.

Back in 1992, though, they went through this revitalization because of the Olympics. And what they did is they brought in sand to create these artificial beaches, they redid cathedrals, and built skyscrapers and really revitalized the whole city. So they went through this rebranding effort and its really changed the way people think about Barcelona.

Today it's a buzzing city. It's a destination place for people to come to and so I think as talent acquisition professionals you can think about this same thing. If your brand is stale and outdated. You can revitalize it too by updating your career site, updating your message, redoing those job descriptions, and you can make your employer the go-to place just like Barcelona is here in Europe and around the world. So anyways guys thanks for listening and adios, ciao, see you next time!

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