Why hiring managers should star in your recruiting videos

Oct 18, 2019 - Cat DiStasio

Video recruiting is a must these days.

You already know video should be part of your conversational recruiting strategy. And you’ve probably already agonized over what types of recruiting videos to make to reach your ideal candidates.

Here’s the thing. The production quality is less important than who is in your video and what you’re talking about in that video. Job seekers don’t want to watch a commercial that ‘sells’ them on applying for a job. Instead, they want to hear about the real stories that make your company what it is and they want to hear from the people who know best: hiring managers and employees. 

They want to watch videos that tell them the real story about your organization. 

There are a variety of ways to approach your recruiting video strategy. The most important objective is telling true stories about what makes your company or jobs unique. The best way to do that is to put your hiring managers front and center. According to a Lighthouse special report on candidate experience, job seekers want to see videos of hiring managers two and a half times more often than company overviews and ten times more often than a message from a recruiter or other HR person. 

These insights make sense when you consider how today’s top talent craves authenticity and that job seekers are looking for a meaningful experience at their next employer. Here are some other findings from the study that illustrate the importance of making hiring managers the stars of your recruiting videos.

Great first impressions increase engagement

Consider the welcome video. When a job seeker visits your careers site, they typically have a lot of questions and curiosity about what your organization is all about and what really happens on the job. While many employers might be tempted to film a recruiter explaining the company culture, research shows that candidates are more likely to take action after hearing from a hiring manager. Lighthouse found that a hiring manager welcome video would make a candidate 46% more likely to consider the job and 30% more likely to respond to a recruiter or apply. Those are some pretty substantial outcomes.

Consider sharing your welcome videos through other channels, rather than waiting for job seekers to stumble on it on your careers site. It’s a cost-effective move, too. After all, if you’re investing the time and money to produce professional videos, you’ll want to get the most mileage you can out of each video. Embed a hiring manager welcome video in social media posts, or share it via email with your talent community. 

Letting hiring managers introduce job seekers to your organization also works well during online events, like virtual career fairs. During those events, you can use live streaming video to allow a hiring manager to connect with job seekers through a special message, or even answer their questions on the spot. This helps turn your virtual career fairs into immersive brand experiences that make a real impact on job seekers.

It’s all about trust

Building trust is the ultimate goal of your overall conversational recruiting strategy, and your recruiting videos should have the same objective. According to the research, a majority (55%) of active job seekers think employee-generated videos are more credible and trustworthy than a company-produced video. This doesn’t mean you should shy away from company-produced videos. But when you do choose this video method, you have to be extra careful about your message as well as who delivers that message. Again, job seekers would rather hear from employees like hiring managers and their potential future coworkers than a recruiter. 

Ironically, most organizations already know this. Lighthouse found that employers already believe hiring managers are the most persuasive source of information for candidates but only 3% of organizations are trying to reach job seekers using hiring manager videos. So, opportunity is knocking.

A strategy for every budget

If you’re working with a small budget, it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the advantages of recruiting videos. Employers can still reach and connect with candidates without a huge video production budget. We’ve said this before and the Lighthouse findings confirm that job seekers place a higher value on the source and content of the video messages. If your budget is a concern, consider investing in professional production for a hiring manager welcome video to make that strong first impression - and with a message that will remain relevant for some time, so you can reuse the video over and over. Use more cost-effective methods (like smartphone videos) for other videos you’ll use throughout the recruiting process, regardless of whether they star hiring managers, employees, or members of your recruiting team.

Hiring managers elevate the candidate experience

Now we know job seekers want to watch hiring managers in recruiting videos. And they also want to learn about a company’s culture and mission, as well as insights about what happens on the job. We also know that the vast majority of employers are sleeping on this vital piece of the communication puzzle. You can set your organization apart from your competition by giving job seekers what they want and putting hiring managers in your recruiting videos.

Speaking of putting hiring managers and employees front-and-center, check out our latest video showing off our newest feature, Brazen Live, which gives talent acquisition teams the ability to live stream right within an online event.

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