Why you should use virtual career fairs in campus recruiting

Feb 13, 2020 - Cat DiStasio

In many ways, campus recruiting isn’t all that different from other types of recruiting. While in-person job fairs are still common and expected, talent acquisition leaders now understand that breaking from tradition can create some amazing results.

Virtual career fairs—hiring events that take place exclusively online—help employers connect with more candidates and recruiters targeting college students and recent graduates stand to gain a lot of ground by using a similar approach. 

Better for your budget

Sending recruiters to in-person career fairs is expensive and time-consuming, which is one big reason employers are turning to online events. Virtual career fairs require much less of a time investment, taking less than an hour to set up, compared to hours or days spent on preparations and travel for in-person career fairs. And because virtual career fairs give you the same impact (and in some cases, even more of an impact) than traditional in-person career fairs at a lower budget it is easy to understand why you can reduce the cost per lead.

Meet more candidates

At in-person career fairs, recruiters can really only talk to one candidate at a time, which severely limits the number of connections they can make during a single event. During virtual career fairs, recruiters have the ability to carry on multiple conversations at the same time, which allows them to engage with more candidates than they ever could during in-person events. 

Easy and convenient

Anything that makes job hunting easier for candidates can improve the recruiting process. Virtual career fairs are easily accessible via mobile devices, making it simple for candidates (especially passive candidates) to join in regardless of where they are. And let’s face it. Most of your target candidates in campus recruiting grew up with a smartphone in their hand. These digital natives are often more comfortable communicating online than they are in person, so virtual career fairs deliver the experience they want.

Social circles

Hosting a successful virtual career fair often requires employers to take advantage of a strong social media presence. And since college students are more likely to socialize via TikTok and Twitter than the student union, it makes sense to also promote your virtual career fairs online. You probably already have your social presence dialed in and it’s a great channel for promoting virtual career fairs and attracting more candidates. 

Virtual campus connections

Finding college students and recent graduates for your open reqs can be challenging. Virtual career fairs offer so many different benefits, especially when contrasted against traditional in-person events, that recruiters almost can’t afford not to host online career fairs at this point. Today’s candidates expect high-tech/high-touch recruiting experiences that are also free from friction, and virtual career fairs offer exactly what they are looking for— while making it easier for recruiters to find what, and who, they are looking for. 

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