Work (or Want to Work) in Digital? Join Us for This Free Networking Event

Jun 13, 2014 -
Want to meet some of your fellow Brazenites? Eager to network with your peers, but have trouble fitting face time into your schedule? We’ve got an event for you! On Thursday, June 19th, at noon EDT, we’re hosting a FREE networking event for the Brazen community, with a focus on DIGITAL CAREERS. That means if you work in digital or you want to work in digital, you should join us! Click here to register. Our community is full of ambitious young professionals — hustlers, creatives and entrepreneurs who understand the importance of having a job you love. We want to help you meet one another, so you can rely on the support of your peers as you navigate your own career. We’ve organized this networking event online and during your lunch hour, so you can attend whether you work for an employer or have your own business. Most importantly, this will be FUN! Remember, Brazen Careerist originated as a social network, and we still believe relationships are the foundation of a successful career. As an added bonus, this is an opportunity to try out Brazen’s software, the same awesome platform we use for recruiting events.

How It Works

It couldn’t be easier to join this event. Register now, and we’ll send you a link to join us on Wednesday, January 15. During the event, you’ll be paired with multiple participants from around the region, country and world for several rounds of seven-minute, text-based chats. We’ll even save those conversations for you so you can revisit them later. After the event, we encourage you to connect with any interesting people on your favorite social networks; that will help you turn your chat into a mutually-beneficial relationship. It’s like online speed dating, minus the awkwardness. Hope you’ll join us!