You Won’t Believe the Reason This 84-Year-Old is Going Back to College

Mar 12, 2015 -
When most people think about retirement, they envision days filled with golfing, traveling or lying by the pool. But going to college classes? Not so much. Jack Slotnick, however, is no ordinary retiree. When this Floridian “felt like something was missing” from his life, he decided to enroll at Boca Raton’s Lynn University, NBC News reports. At age 84, after transferring some decades-old Brooklyn College credits, he became the oldest incoming student in the university’s history. (Click here to tweet this fact.) And though the fact that Slotnick is going back to school is special -- why he’s doing so is truly extraordinary.

The heartwarming reason behind Slotnick’s studies

During World War II, Slotnick earned a Purple Heart as a member of the U.S. Army’s 66th Infantry Division, reports NBC News. This experience sparked his desire to study psychology: he wants to counsel soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.
“I think I can relate better to a returning veteran than somebody who has no concept of what being a soldier is,” says Slotnick. “Evidently, there is more stress or strain on the soldiers of today than when I was in the war. There is something drastically wrong with the amount of suicides [among] the current group of soldiers.”
Inspiring, right? At age 84, Slotnick is proof that it’s never too late to change course and make your mark on the world. What do you think about Slotnick’s story? Susan Shain (@Susan_Shain) is a freelance writer who loves helping people discover adventure through international travel or alternative careers.