Our FAQ Concierge Chatbot Automatically Engages With Students and Alumni

Give your students and alumni an option to chat with our FAQ Concierge chatbot to help answer their questions and get additional information during a virtual event. Our FAQ Concierge chatbot can provide answers in both text and video form and is a great way to keep attendees engaged before and during an event.
USC Virtual Concierge
FAQ Concierge Features

A Best-in-Class FAQ Concierge

Brazen’s FAQ Concierge automatically provides your students and alumni with responses to their frequently asked questions saving your team valuable time. And the best part is that our FAQ Concierge is the only chatbot that can offer responses in text and video!

USC university bot

Increase Conversions

Provide students and alumni with a variety of ways to engage, including customizable calls to action that are shown to improve conversion rates and surfacing contextually relevant information about your organization.

Continued Student and Alumni Engagement

The FAQ Concierge keeps students and alumni engaged during an event while they may be waiting in line to chat with an employer or other attendees. More engagement equates to higher satisfaction.

Easily Track Your Conversations

Brazen’s dashboard is your hub for tracking all conversations and analyzing key metrics, including the most frequently asked questions and which responses were the most helpful.

Get Better Insights

The FAQ Concierge gives you the data to continuously improve the user experience and discover what is of most interest to students and alumni. Leverage this data to create more accurate chatbot replies, timely events, better job descriptions, and so much more.