Connect with Students & Alumni Using Brazen Live

Brazen Live is more than just another video platform to engage with your students and alumni. It's a fully customizable and immersive online event experience that gives you the ability to conduct webinars, panel-style presentations, and so much more.
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Brazen Live multi presenter desktop
Brazen Live Features

A More Engaging Live Video Experience

Leverage the power of Brazen’s live video broadcasts to create an amazing virtual event experience for your school that gives you a powerful way to connect with students, alumni, and employers.

Flexible Functionality

Brazen Live is the ideal solution for hosting webinars and panel-style presentations. Great for employer presentations, alumni professional development sessions, webinars for prospective students, new student orientation, and much more.

Humanize Your Events

Make your virtual programs more personal by inviting employers to present to your students, current students and professors to speak with prospective students, and hosting admissions information sessions where you can receive and respond to questions from attendees in real time.

Improve Your School’s Brand

Brazen’s bespoke platform helps you communicate with top students and important alumni. Brazen Live lets you create an immersive virtual event experience where you can highlight your diversity and inclusion initiatives, discuss your campus culture, and much more.

Generate Revenue for Your Programs

Brazen Live packages are a great way for your career services teams to further monetize virtual career fairs. Marketing your events to potential employers is incredibly easy with Brazen.

Game-Changing Live Video Broadcasts for Your School

Unlimited Simultaneous Live Broadcasts

All Brazen Live packages allow you to host unlimited broadcasts with up to four presenters simultaneously, perfect for information sessions and presentations. That means no need to worry if multiple teams want to host live broadcasts at the same time.

Invite Attendees to Chat

Once a live broadcast concludes, you can immediately start a one-on-one chat with attendees to answer any additional questions and engage with prospective students.

Share Your Screen

Have something to share during your Brazen Live presentation? All event hosts can share their screens during a live presentation.

Answer Questions Live

With Brazen Live, your event attendees can ask questions during your presentation that you can respond to in real time.

Record & Share

Get your video content in front of more students and alumni by recording your live broadcasts and sharing them after your virtual event.

Mobile-Friendly Video

Did you know that 60% of attendees access virtual events from their mobile device? We did, which is why we built Brazen to be used anywhere, on any device.