Hire top talent from universities using Brazen’s campus recruiting software

Leading organizations trust Brazen’s campus recruitment platform to make meaningful connections with early talent. Expand your reach beyond the campuses you can visit in person with a virtual recruitment solution that lets you screen, interview and hire - all in one easy-to-use platform. With Brazen’s unique campus hiring tools, you’ll easily identify the best candidates for your organization.
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Diverse Candidate Pool

Expand your reach and fill your candidate pipeline

With traditional campus recruitment strategies, talent acquisition teams are often limited to connecting with students at schools they are able to visit for in-person career fairs. Virtual campus recruitment software extends your reach to any student with access to a computer or mobile device. Build your candidate pool with top performers from hundreds of universities (instead of just the ones you can afford to travel to) and keep your candidate pipeline full.

With Brazen, you can also get more out of your in-person campus recruiting investment. Screen candidates prior to your campus visit, schedule interviews with top talent during in-person career fairs and make the most of your time on campus. In addition to our virtual solutions, Brazen also offers tools to help plan, organize and measure the success of your in-person career fairs.

Meet your DEI campus recruiting goals

Fortune 500 companies use Brazen to ensure they have a fair hiring process that fosters a diverse workforce. Our campus recruitment software has been recognized as an accessible platform that expands your candidate pool to a more diverse range of early career talent. With virtual hiring events, you can reach and attract candidates from niche talent pools, removing geographic barriers and scheduling conflicts. Brazen also offers reporting and analytics so you can track progress towards your DEI goals.

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Stand out from the competition

Showcase what makes your organization a great place to work by highlighting your company benefits, values, and mission from the very start of the hiring process. Brazen makes it easy to share “day in the life” presentations, host benefit information sessions, and present panel discussions with key leaders of your organization. Top students and graduates often have their choice of employer, making it crucial to stand out and offer an amazing candidate experience.

Speed up the hiring process

Reduce your time-to-hire and streamline your recruiting process by reducing manual tasks with our campus recruitment software. Features such as knock-out registration questions, timed video interviews, and automated emails reduce the amount of time and effort required by recruiting teams to move candidates to the next stage of the hiring process. With Brazen, you can screen and interview hundreds of early talent candidates in a matter of hours instead of days. Plus, you can pre-schedule interviews with top candidates during scheduled hiring events to make scaling your screening process a breeze. Tools like our live chat website plug-in ensure candidates can reach your talent acquisition team quickly when they have a question about the role or company.

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Decrease your cost per hire

By saving recruiter time and resources, our campus recruitment software helps reduce your cost per hire. You’ll also save tremendously by eliminating travel costs associated with traditional campus hiring. Additional savings include less resources spent on candidates who drop out due to a poor candidate experience and a decrease in recruiter hours spent on unqualified candidates.

All the campus recruitment tools you need

Brazen’s campus recruitment software offers everything you need to scale hiring efforts and connect with top early talent.

  • Virtual interviewing tools that offer text, audio and video options
  • Virtual career fairs complete with customizable registration forms, content, lobbies and booths
  • Robust interview platform including resume view, digital note-taking, and candidate rating features
  • Sourcing marketplace that lets us do the work for you in finding students and recent graduates
  • Interview scheduling tools that ensure you connect with top candidates
  • Follow up features including email templates and calendar integrations so you can easily move candidates to the next step
  • Video broadcasting functionality that allows engagement with multiple candidates at once via live presentations at virtual campus recruiting events
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