Host & manage in-person hiring events with less stress - and ditch the spreadsheets

Hosting and managing an in-person hiring event when you don’t have the right technology can be overwhelming. With Brazen, talent acquisition professionals and hiring managers can rely on an ultra-efficient workflow that moves candidates quickly through their hiring funnel - saving you time, and money. Hit your hiring goals without hitting a wall.

Quickly check-in both candidates & walk-ins on any device

Save time by conveniently using any device to quickly and easily check in pre-registered candidates as they arrive with the click of a button, and just as easily capture essential information from any walk-ins to keep track of their attendance.

Track in-person connections, quickly rate candidates, and capture candidate data

Tracking in-person connections, interviews, or conversations has never been easier with Brazen. Simply find the candidate with attendee lookup and with the click of a button, you can mark them as a connection. Plus, jot down notes on candidates during or after an on-site conversation, screening, or interview, and then use these notes to quickly identify and connect with top talent in Brazen after your event. Determine Next Steps for candidates based on your organization's specific workflow, and better categorize candidates you meet with during your event for immediate follow-up.

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Replace paper resumes with 360° digital candidate profiles

Avoid cross referencing hard copies of resumes during or after your in-person event with digital candidate profiles. In Brazen, easily access a 360° view of each candidate with the Candidate Engagement Hub, including a digital copy of their resume, registration information, and more, all in one place.

Quickly filter & follow-up with candidates in bulk

In-person event representatives and hiring managers can send tailored follow-up emails to select candidates, or easily send customized, segmented emails in bulk to different candidate groups all at once by segmenting candidates by their Next Step, registration questions, or attendance.

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Attract & convert with easy-to-build, beautiful event landing pages

Build beautiful, informative, and mobile-responsive pages for your in-person event with our flexible and customizable Landing Page Builder. Add HTML, video, images, maps, and more to enhance your employer brand, capture more candidates, and better align your landing page copy, imagery, and messaging when promoting events. Translation? More sign-ups for events, more attendees, and more hires!