Reach Unique Audiences & Get More Candidates to Your Virtual Events with Brazen

Brazen combines candidate sourcing with virtual events to provide a seamless recruiting solution for your team. Say goodbye to pay-per-click and “post and pray” job ads with our full-service solution.
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Programmatic Advertising Features

The Complete Candidate Sourcing Solution

Leverage the power of Brazen to engage with qualified candidates, increasing conversions and ultimately hires. Plus, you only pay for results.


Brazen’s solution delivers leads on a cost-per-candidate basis, meaning you’ll connect with better applicants and only pay for results.

Tools That Improve Conversions

Unlike other sourcing tools, Brazen gives candidates a variety of options to chat with your team thereby increasing conversions.

Increase Your Reach

Reach candidates differently than traditional job board advertising on websites and platforms they frequently visit. That means no more “post and pray” job ads.

Lower Your Cost-to-Hire

Optimize your resources by attracting and converting highly qualified candidates while reducing time and money spent advertising open positions.