Live Chat & Recruiting Chatbots

Give qualified candidates an option to chat with your team in real time with Brazen’s QuickChat, a live chat product designed specifically for talent acquisition. Our recruiting chatbot automatically routes qualified candidates to your recruiters for real conversations, on your own time. You can also leverage the powerful of FAQ Concierge to provide candidates with text and video replies to frequently asked questions.
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Live Chat

QuickChat Gives You Real Candidates & Real Conversations

Brazen’s game-changing QuickChat lets you chat anywhere, any time with top talent. Find out how your talent acquisition team can improve your processes and make the right hires.

Talk to Qualified Candidates

Apply QuickChat only to specific positions that require high-touch engagement using customizable job rules and pre-screen candidates before they connect with your team using qualifying “knockout” questions.

Assign Recruiters to Specific Jobs

Brazen’s proprietary technology assigns your recruiters to their open job requisitions and automatically funnels their conversations, ensuring the right recruiter speaks with top candidates.

Chat On Your Own Time

When someone on your team is available, conversations with pre-qualified candidates take place immediately. Conversations shift to SMS when a recruiter is not available, giving candidates the ability to engage with your team asynchronously.

Efficiently Capture Candidate Information

Deploy a team of recruiting chatbots that quickly captures a candidate’s information and displays it in the QuickChat recruiter dashboard, increasing the ease of follow-up communications.
FAQ Concierge Features

A Best-in-Class FAQ Concierge Chatbot

Brazen’s FAQ Concierge automatically provides your candidates with responses to their frequently asked questions saving your recruiting team valuable time. And the best part is that our FAQ Concierge is the only chatbot that can offer your candidates responses in text and video!

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Increase Conversions

Provide candidates with a variety of ways to engage, including customizable calls to action that are shown to improve conversion rates and surfacing contextually relevant information about your organization. No longer are you stuck with “apply now” as your only call to action.

Continued Candidate Engagement

The FAQ Concierge keeps candidates that may not be ready to apply on your jobs site engaging with your employer brand. The more time a candidate spends engaging with your organization, the higher the likelihood that they will convert further down the funnel.

Easily Track Your Conversations

Brazen’s dashboard is your hub for tracking all conversations and analyzing key metrics, including qualified leads and candidate quality. Rest assured that candidate information can be automatically pushed into your preferred CRM or ATS platform.

Get Better Insights

The FAQ Concierge gives you the data to continuously improve the user experience and discover what is of most interest to candidates. Leverage this data to create more accurate chatbot replies, timely events, better job descriptions, and so much more.