Brazen’s Talent Sourcing Marketplace

Supercharge your virtual hiring events with an events sourcing strategy. We promote your events for you, to the right people, so you can focus on hosting great events. Get peace-of-mind that your events will be well-attended and deliver quality candidates, without costing your team a lot of time.
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Sourcing Marketplace

A Better Sourcing Strategy

Building a great event is only one piece of the puzzle. Getting candidates to attend your event and convert to applicants is another. When you focus on driving candidates through an events sourcing strategy with the Sourcing Marketplace you can:

  • Tap into new talent pools that you’re currently missing
  • Access diverse candidates to further your DEI initiatives
  • Scale up your hiring efforts without adding manual effort
  • Get more hires from the investment you dedicate to events

Why source candidates with Brazen?

Market your events, not just your jobs.

Attract curious, passive candidates who may not be ready to apply yet, but would be interested in learning more by attending an event.

Everything you need in one place.

No need to manage multiple vendors. Brazen’s marketplace has candidate sources that range from targeted to broad, and from hourly to professional.

Learn which candidate sources are performing best.

Through Brazen’s event platform data, you can see which partners are delivering the best candidates, and redirect budget to those sources.

Sourcing Marketplace helps recruiting teams reach goals

Fortune 1000 aerospace and defense contractor

Seeking diverse early career candidates: Sourced 260+ early career candidates, with 75% identifying as non-white, across 205 different schools.

National healthcare provider

Seeking a high volume of candidates for hourly positions in a condensed time period: Sourced over 940 candidates in less than 7 days.

Regional healthcare system

Seeking to reduce their average cost per candidate for hard to fill positions: Sourced nearly 950 candidates at a cost of 18% less than the industry benchmark.