The Easy-to-Use Video Chat

Empower your talent acquisition team to hire smarter with Brazen video chat. High-quality video conversations and improved user flows on all Brazen products means an even better all-in-one hiring solution.
Person with video interview suite on mobile device
Virtual Hiring Event - One to one video chat
Video Chat Features

A More Engaging Video Chat Experience

With Brazen’s new video chat, you can quickly and easily move top candidates through your recruiting funnel all within one platform. With the click of a button, you can turn a text-based chat into a video chat. Talk about a seamless candidate experience.

Enhanced User Experience

Easy-to-use video chat features are integrated within Brazen’s familiar platform, making for an amazing candidate and user experience.

Choose How You Chat

Recruiters have the option of using text-only, audio or full video to engage each candidate. Video chats are also timed to keep conversations flowing smoothly and increase efficiency.

Improved Event Flows

New user flows are designed for a better candidate experience while providing your team with a complete hiring solution. Easily transition from text-based conversations to video chats.

More on Brazen’s Video Chat Suite


The perfect feature for screening candidates via text chat and immediately moving top candidates through the funnel to video chats.

Mobile-Friendly Experience

Did you know that 60% of candidates access virtual events from their mobile device? We did, which is why we built Brazen to be used anywhere, any time, on any device.

High Quality Video

Best-in-class video chat capabilities are seamlessly incorporated within Brazen virtual events.

A Familiar Platform

The video chat is integrated within Brazen’s feature-rich third generation familiar platform.

Easily Accessible Candidate Information

With Brazen’s video chat, you can view the candidate's resume as well as your text-based chats all from one window.

Multiple Chat Options

Your team will have the option of using text-only, audio, or full video features for each conversation.

Secure Conversations

Secure login and account authentication makes every video chat secure, regardless of device.

Efficient Conversations

Video chats, like text conversations, are timed to ensure events are organized and effective. Simply extend the time to keep the chat going.

Schedule Video Chats [Coming soon]

We are excited to be launching scheduled video chats and chat-to-video for QuickChat later this summer!