Discover Brazen’s Virtual Benefits Fair Platform

Give your human resources team the power to host engaging virtual benefits fairs that educate your employees while allowing your team to be readily available. Brazen’s intuitive virtual event platform is optimized for one-on-one conversations, large-scale presentations, and everything in between.
Benefits Fair
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Virtual Benefits Fairs Features

A Better Virtual Benefits Fair Experience

Take your benefits programs online today. With Brazen, you can broadcast live webinars and panel-style presentations from benefits specialists, host interactive education programs for new employees during open enrollment periods, and so much more.

Customizable Platform & Content

Brazen gives you the ability to build and manage your own virtual benefits fair with bespoke, content-rich virtual booths to educate employees about benefits programs and benefit changes.

Multiple Ways to Chat

Give your employees the option of using text-only, audio or full-video conversations to engage with benefits specialists. Secure conversations allow for employees to discuss their personal circumstances with providers.

Intuitive User Experience

Leverage the power of Brazen’s virtual event software to develop an engaging online program that is easy for your team and your employee base to use.

Connect From Anywhere

When you take your benefits programs online, you improve accessibility for your employees and remove geographic constraints for all attendees.

Better & More Engaging Benefits Programs

Mobile-Friendly Experience

Did you know that 60% of attendees access virtual events from their mobile device? We did, which is why we built Brazen to be used anywhere, on any device.

Brazen Live Video Broadcasting

Easily broadcast live video during your virtual benefits fairs, perfect for webinars and panel-style presentations with benefits specialists where you can receive and respond to questions from your employees in real time.

Robust Post-Event Reporting

Brazen’s event dashboard provides a wide array of tracking and reporting tools, including post- event metrics to optimize your resources and meet your benefits program goals.

Video Chat Capabilities

Give your team the option of using text-only, audio or full-video to facilitate conversations between benefits specialists and employees. Video chats, like text chats, are timed to keep events flowing smoothly and make conversations efficient.

Secure Registration & Conversations

Single sign-on (SSO) and social login features make registration for your employees simple and quick, while account authentication makes every conversation extremely secure.

Record & Share

Get your benefits-specific video content in front of employees that are unable to attend by recording your live broadcasts and sharing them after your virtual events.