The Most Complete Virtual Hiring Event Platform

Discover how Brazen’s virtual hiring event platform can transform your virtual hiring experience. With over 10 years of experience helping talent acquisition teams connect, engage, and hire top talent, Brazen is the most complete solution on the market. Some of the top brands in the world use Brazen to host massive virtual hiring events or to target specific talent pools with the ultimate goal of building relationships with quality candidates.
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Create an Amazing Candidate Experience

Brazen’s 3rd generation virtual hiring event platform is built to create an amazing candidate and recruiter experience. Screen candidates more quickly with multi-chat, seamlessly transition from text-based chat to video and audio conversations, and highlight your employer brand with live video broadcasts. Check out the full suite of features below.

One to one video chat
Seamlessly transition your text-based chats to video and audio with the click of a button
High-quality video is built right into the platform. No integrations with third party video solutions required
Video chat metrics give you insights to help you improve recruiter and candidate experience
COMING SOON: Stay organized with scheduled interviews which allow your team of recruiters to schedule video chats before the event starts

More Game-Changing Virtual Hiring Event Features

Customizable Branding Options
Brazen’s bespoke white-label platform gives you the ability to build, manage, and market your own virtual hiring events with customizable, content-rich landing pages, virtual lobbies, virtual booths and so much more.
Custom Registration Forms
Collect data on candidates with custom registration forms and add knock-out questions to ensure your recruiters only chat with the most qualified.
Chat History
Every text-based chat is automatically saved in your chat history tab so you don't forget the details.
Booth Filtering
A great candidate experience starts with an easy-to-use and intuitive navigation. Brazen's booth filtering system gives candidates an easy way to get to the booths that are most relevant to them.
Employer Brand Content
Get the most out of your employer brand content like videos, reviews, articles, and more by uploading content into your virtual event to give candidates an in-depth view of what makes your company special and enhance your employer brand.
Mobile-Friendly Experience
Did you know that 60% of candidates access virtual hiring events from their mobile device? We did, which is why we built Brazen to be used anywhere, on any device.
Chat with up to four candidates at a time, making your time spent in an event extremely efficient. Yes, you can be in multiple places at once.
Single Sign-On (SSO)
Single sign-on and social login features make attendee registrations on all devices simple and quick.
Self-Serve Platform
Brazen is a self-serve software platform, giving full control of event creation and event management to the customer. Combined with our top-notch customer service, creating an event is easy and can be done in minutes.