Virtual Job Fairs That Exhibitors & Candidates Love

Give your organization the ability to host engaging virtual job fairs that connect employers with highly qualified candidates. Brazen’s intuitive, mobile-friendly online job fair platform is optimized for virtual expos, large-scale presentations, and so much more.
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Host Multi-Company Virtual Job Fairs With Ease

Managing online job fairs with multiple employers is simple with Brazen. Our platform was designed to support large events with several booths representing various companies. Participants can easily navigate the platform and customize their booths and profiles. With Brazen, employers can improve their candidate experience, increase applications from qualified candidates, and significantly cut costs when compared to in-person job fairs. Click here to see a preview of how Brazen is used to host multi-company job fairs.

No More Geographic Barriers

Online job fairs and expos provide improved engagement with job seekers across the world. No longer are you limited by your physical location.

Generate Revenue

Easily promote your virtual job fair with a custom landing page that incorporates pricing options and increases revenue for your organization. Offer employers booth add-ons, including video chat, webinar booths, and premium digital real estate.

Lower Costs

Taking your events online reduces the costs associated with venue fees, equipment rental, and travel expenses typical of an in-person career fair.

Better Hires

Employers can efficiently communicate with targeted and diverse talent pools, engage with more qualified prospects, and decrease response times to candidates with easier post job fair follow-up.
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Connect With Candidates Through Video

Brazen is a leader in virtual job fair video solutions. Give recruiters attending your virtual job fairs the option to further humanize the hiring process by offering the option to chat via video and audio.

Brazen Live Webinars

Giving employers the opportunity to connect with job seekers and job fair attendees through live webinars is a must. Live webinars are a great way for employers to highlight their people and culture and enhance their employer brand. Plus, use our live webinar feature as a a great way to sell additional sponsorships.

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Stay On Brand With Customized Booths

Virtual job fair exhibitors can showcase their employer brand through customized booths that display their logo and colors as well as employer brand content like employee testimonials, Glassdoor reviews and so much more. This allows each exhibitor to have a unique look and feel. Employers can choose to upgrade their booth to include video chats, live presentations, and more.

Integrate Job Listings In Virtual Career Fairs

Your exhibitors can share job postings directly in the virtual event platform. Each virtual booth gives employers the option to add open job reqs. Job seekers can search for jobs and apply during the event, leading to an average of 3x more qualified applicants for employers.

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Sponsorship Packages

One of the best parts about using Brazen for your multi-company virtual job fairs is the ability to sell a range of sponsorship packages based on factors such as features, placement within the event, and marketing.

Game-Changing Multi-Company Virtual Career Fair Features

Bespoke White-Label Platform

Brazen gives you and your exhibitors the ability to build, manage, and market virtual expos with customizable, content-rich virtual booths, and so much more.

Video Chat Suite

Employers have the option of using text-only, audio or full-video chats to engage with job seekers. Video chats, like text chats, are timed to keep events flowing smoothly and make conversations efficient.

Mobile-Friendly Experience

Did you know that 60% of candidates access virtual career fairs from their mobile device? We did, which is why we built Brazen to be used anywhere, on any device.

Move Candidates Down the Funnel

Every Brazen conversation delivers an enhanced candidate experience, complete with candidate resume and information integrations and follow-up actions. Your exhibitors can easily move candidates further down the funnel and convert them into hires.

Prioritize & Pre-Screen Candidates

Proprietary SmartQueue technology allows employers to prioritize top talent, while customizable registration forms feature “knockout questions” that prevent unqualified candidates from entering your event.

Brazen Live Video Broadcasting

Easily broadcast live video during your virtual events, perfect for employers to present about their company, culture, and jobs. Employers can also receive and respond to questions from attendees in real time.

Robust Post-Event Reporting

Brazen’s event dashboard provides a wide array of tracking and reporting tools, including post-event metrics to track marketing performance and evaluate your return on investment.

Talk to Multiple Candidates at the Same Time

Exhibitors can chat with up to four candidates at a time, making time spent in an event extremely efficient.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Single sign-on and social login features make attendee registrations on all devices simple and quick.

Self-Serve Platform

Brazen is a self-serve software platform, giving full control of event creation and event management to the customer. Combined with our top-notch customer service, creating an event is easy and can be done in minutes.

Integrated Job Reqs

Add exhibitor jobs to your virtual event and have candidates browse, filter and search jobs from employers participating in the event.

Powerful Candidate Navigation Features

Tag booths in your event with pre-built categories like employment type, job location, job category and more and and let candidates filter and search booths within the event by these tags.