Virtual Hiring Solutions for Talent Acquisition & HR

Engage top talent, fill your team faster, and increase conversations at scale with Brazen’s virtual event platform. Virtual hiring events can also give your team a powerful way to connect with diverse talent communities and military veterans and are perfectly suited for promoting internal mobility and onboarding programs. Plus, virtual benefits fairs give your human resources team the tools to educate your employees.

So, What Else Can You Do With Brazen?

Enhance Your Company Brand

Brazen virtual events are designed to let your brand shine. The powerful-yet-intuitive white-label platform gives you the ability to customize the event experience to reflect your corporate or event-specific branding.

Create an Amazing User Experience

Our redesigned, mobile-friendly platform delivers a high-quality experience for all participants and gives you the power to reach and communicate with qualified job candidates anywhere and everywhere.

Lower Your Cost-to-Hire

No geographic restrictions, unlimited events, and a better option than "Apply Now." All these benefits lead to more top candidates in your pipeline. Plus, virtual events give you a chance to court your talent and move them quickly through the funnel, reducing your cost-to-hire.
Man watching Brazen Live on desktop
Use Cases

Attract, Engage, & Convert

Brazen has the right solution for your team to achieve its objectives. Choose the virtual events platform that empowers you to:

  • Host virtual career fairs, hiring events, or campus recruiting initiatives that connect candidates directly with recruiters and hiring managers
  • Put together diversity and inclusion-focused events and hiring programs for military veterans
  • Develop an engaging and informative employee onboarding or orientation
  • Connect with employees during open enrollment to keep employees abreast of changes to your benefits