Why Brazen?

We've been doing virtual events before virtual events were even a thing. And in that time, we've learned what it takes to create an industry leading platform that excels in the virtual space. There are many reasons why you should turn to Brazen and you can check out a few below. Or, head over to G2 and Capterra to read our reviews from happy customers.

Experience with Virtual Events

Brazen has been building virtual event software since 2012 and recently released its 3rd generation platform.

Customer Support

Brazen provides account management and training support to customers and provides live event user support to all attendees, admins, and users.


Brazen is neither the lowest cost nor highest cost solution. We believe we offer the best product at a fair price and therefore the best value in the market.

User Interface and Feature Set

Brazen’s 3rd generation user interface is designed to make user navigation easy and efficient. Chat, voice and video features are fully integrated into the event flow to make each event productive and fun.

Self-Serve Platform

Brazen is a self-serve platform, giving full control of event creation and event management to the customer.

Data Privacy

Personal attendee data is owned solely by the customer. Brazen does not monetize attendee data.

Stability and Reliability of the Platform

Hundreds of virtual events are hosted on the Brazen platform every week, without a hitch.

Verticalized Feature Set

Brazen has historically focused on career development and talent acquisition use cases. Our feature set has evolved over many years to make Brazen the market leader for those applications.


Brazen has become one of the fastest growing, VC-backed tech companies in the world by continuing to pioneer new features and capabilities in the virtual event space.